PS3 MW2 Bombing Run

#701 Posted by eroticfishcake (7792 posts) -

Just so you guys know. I can't play for the next three weeks or so. I've got exams soon. >_>

#702 Posted by Pessh (2459 posts) -
@Laharl: It's all good dude
@eroticfishcake: No worries, good luck
#703 Posted by Shibbxyz (285 posts) -

Soz for my net bein shit ive been at home with the rents for easter and have no control of it  
but good news is ill be back to my own net tonight yey can host myself then :D
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#705 Posted by stevemanu (90 posts) -

I think I annoyed Pessh last night...  I'm sorry.

#706 Posted by Pessh (2459 posts) -
@stevemanu: Lol, It's all good dude
#707 Posted by OmegaPirate (5522 posts) -

did i miss another bombing run?! awwwww man :(

#708 Posted by Pessh (2459 posts) -
@OmegaPirate said:
" did i miss another bombing run?! awwwww man :( "
Nah, we don't really organise them anymore, I just inv whoevers on when I am. Have a pretty big party almost every other day.
#709 Posted by OmegaPirate (5522 posts) -
@Pessh:  Gah i see your invites occasionally- they always occur when im not looking at my screen it would seem - I:e i go to turn my ps3 off and realise i have new messages, lol 
Ill pay more attention in future xD
#710 Posted by stevemanu (90 posts) -
@Pessh:  Haha you can't stay angry with me Pessh! lol
#711 Edited by Pessh (2459 posts) -

Playing now
Edit: Games were awesome today. got a fair few new dudes and we were unstoppable, didn't lose a match.

#712 Posted by Eric_Buck (1289 posts) -

My PSN is Canadian_Buck, I would love to join.

#713 Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror (2176 posts) -

right, I have had 5 weeks of madness, an exhibition plus two big assignments I can finally wind down and get back into this, again.
So who's getting the stimulus package? (probably a silly question nonetheless). I've been debating it, not seen the price in the UK as of yet...

#714 Posted by Laharl (350 posts) -
Whatever 15 US bucks is in your money.
Also no i wont be buying it and i doubt it will effect me in any way, at the very least they didnt pull a WaW and force you to buy it.
Also i played today and is it just me but was there not any double xp? Seemed to be the same xp.
#715 Posted by Pessh (2459 posts) -
@RhombusOfTerror: @Laharl: Brother played yesterday and it was double xp apparently, I havn't played it in ages though. Not buying the maps, I hate dlc, gonna get them off a friends account
#716 Posted by TwoOneFive (9459 posts) -

my first time playing a new map was bailout and i got 40 kills playing domination and came in first place overall and my team one. bangin. 

#717 Posted by stevemanu (90 posts) -
@Pessh:  Isn't that like.....stealing.
#718 Posted by Shibbxyz (285 posts) -

Its been a while since ive had a game of mw2 if anyone interested im free to play over next few days
#719 Posted by davidwitten22 (1708 posts) -

I wanna play! I'm a level 6 or something n00b but I wanna play! My PSN is davidwitten22. Shocker!

#720 Posted by stevemanu (90 posts) -

We need a new host Pessh doesn't play MW2 anymore.

#721 Posted by Pessh (2459 posts) -

I played yesterday...

#722 Posted by stevemanu (90 posts) -

@Pessh Ok, sorry I wasn't on. You going to be playing more regularly???

#723 Posted by Pessh (2459 posts) -
@stevemanu: Hopefully
#724 Posted by natetodamax (19230 posts) -

Posting to unlock.

#725 Posted by wherethebiddies (20 posts) -

this game is so unreliable

#726 Posted by wickedgame69 (72 posts) -

My psn: wickedgame69 
Tired of playing solo looking for a good group of folks to play with. Hit me up if ever a man short.
#727 Posted by Laharl (350 posts) -

So whos getting black ops? I know its not MW2 related but i figured the same people can group up and have some fun since it seems Hazanwar and me are the only 2 of the original few that still play together. Im actually still not sure if im going to get it since the treyarch games were always kinda forgettable to me and activision fucked infinity ward guys pretty badly but either way if i do play id be more than happy to group with you guys again. "Oh my days" is part of my regular vocabulary now thanks to you crazy English fucks.

#728 Posted by Pessh (2459 posts) -
@Laharl: I'll probably end up getting it. Imagine everyone else will too and I've still got their all still on my friends list. Lol at oh my days.
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fruiti tuiti

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