So I made the jump from PC to PS3, my thoughts.

#1 Posted by JakeGiles (30 posts) -

So guys I made the jump seeing as I just bought the PS3. I was loving MW2 on my PC but the support is a ridden mess. Connections can be good or bad. Hacks are everywhere and you can get kicked from a game in an instant. However I'm not wanting to repeat the same stuff thats been said. I've noticed playstyles from PC to console are different too;  
 Underpass: I was pretty sure I could see across the map on PC. PS3's distance seems awfully foggy. No big deal though, just a minor observation.
Voting to Skip Always Ending up on Wasteland: Just my bad luck on PC. Used to always roll HQ and every god damn skip defaulted wasteland. A shocking HQ map :(
Quickscoping: I'm meaning rolling around with an Intervention on Scrapyard and going positive here. With the lack of any real assist rolling a Sniper instead of something a bit more close quarters is asking for an asswhoopin. Yet the last week or so I've came across all sorts of crazy quickscopers on console. Is it really an easy skill to learn?
Stingers: PC never seen the carepackage glitch so a lot of people don't bother where as airsupport regularly goes down in my recent console games.
Grenade Throwing: Call me rusty but I just can't throw a semtex nearly as well as I could with a mouse. All going well this will improve over time.
Headsets: Nobody speaks on PC. Everyone is just in private lobbies or vent or something. Is it like that on the 360 or are people still vocal on the game chat? 

and finally, 
G18s: Akimbo to be more precise, dominate the PC game like the Akimbo 1887s used to. The range on the suckers is crazy. I was expecting more of the same on the jump but hardly anyone uses them, I'm assuming it's down to controlling the recoil on a controller. Feels easier on the mouse. 

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Most of the chat is devoted to. "Yo yo yo! That there was bullllllshit."
You're not missing out on anything.

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@AestheticSynthesis said:
" Most of the chat is devoted to. "Yo yo yo! That there was bullllllshit."  You're not missing out on anything. "
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People tend to still roll akimo 1887's.  Anyways, I think that there is a much more casual crowd on the consoles than on Xbox, but Xbox seems to be the worst, PS3 is usually better, and PC games in general (since I have not played W@W or MW2 on PC/Mac) tend to be a much more willing crowd.  I am not sure if it is the barrier to entry on the PC being cost, but also, you also have to be a little more tech savvy.
Anyways, MW2 is a little BS in general.  I swear that the dev team were all on meth or coke when making this game, it is just too nuts.

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Still the graphics on the pc version owns the console versions. I know I always take screenshots then post it on the forum, that's about the only advantage I suppose.

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cool, PC u are always going to have an advantage of not seeing fog. models are better now than when the game came out and could shoot long distances.

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