The Current State Of MW2 on ps3 since reboot?

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I was wanting to go back to MW2 on ps3, but I was wondering if the old bugs and exploits persisted after the PSN came back on in the last week?  
Are they there or gone? 
Any info is appreciated. 

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@Jaden_Hybrid: Why would the psn outage affect the bugs and exploits of mw2?
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@Super_Yosh_64@Jaden_Hybrid: Why would the psn outage affect the bugs and exploits of mw2? 
Activision said a few times that  the hacks MW2 before the outages were not Activision's problem since it involved the the security of the console. During the outage Sony claimed that they worked closely with developers, I would imagine that Activision's flagship franchise was being looked at closely. 
So to those who have been playing after the outage, is there a difference?
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im pretty sure most of the glitches were due to the game since the 360 version had the same glitches.   
also cod is the flagship franchise and mw2 is an iteration of that franchise not only that but blackops is way more popular so im sure that sony doesnt care about mw2 glitches. 
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That's fine and obvious, but if someone can give hands on idea of what I'm asking, I'm also talking about hacked lobbies and custom games , these particular pain in the asses  where not present on the 360 version because I had both versions.
I need an update not an honest and fair state of facts. Thanks

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i cannot attest to the state of it, but I thought the 360 version had hacked lobbies and aimbots and the like since about 3 hours after it launched?

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Played it all day Sunday on PS3. No problems that I noticed. Just back to good ol shooting and stabbin face.
If I come across any shenanigans I'll be sure to post here!
Haha Shenanigans.

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