Were U Playing Modern Warfare 2 When It Was Broken as puppy?

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Were you part of the dumb madness of a broken game? Not a unplayable mess just broken in terms of modded lobbies and dumb/awesome glitches.

If you got nothing else to watch, this video captures only one of the insane glitches that was occurring, i mean hell i was racking up like 4 Nukes (25 Kills = 1 Nuke) in one match it was so dumb.

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Another awesome glitch that plagued MW2 was this dumb dual 1887 shotguns that could litterally snipe someone from WAAAAYYY far. Scavenger + These guns were a unbeatable combo. Sorry i could not find a video of just the shotguns in action, I think this was during the COD montage video craze.

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But holy shit was this game fun broken or not. were you still playing cod during this????

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I'm starting to get some horrible flashbacks. Fuck dual 1887 shotguns.

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@bigjeffrey: I will not answer the question until the title reads "broken as puppy"

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Yeah remember killing a guy holding a rocket launcher an then being killed by the explosion? Fun times! Or getting an entire prestige from one single kill? Shit was messed up!

I still played it during that time and managed to steer clear of most of this shit. It was a pretty popular game after all, so modded lobbies were mostly rare.

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i remember all of this and i still had more fun with this game than i've had in a month of CoD Ghosts.

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I no longer have xbox live gold but are people still playing the older call of duty's online. Like COD4 and MW2?

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Well now that that's taken care of. Yes I played it when a lot of the craziness was going on. Yes, I was one of the assholes with the dual shotguns.

Even after they "balanced" it it was still a horribly broken game. It was pretty much a complete glorious mess. I listened to a lot of Lady Gaga while mowing people down.

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I don't remember playing during that time, but I did have a lot of fun on that airport map! So many quality memories!

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That game was so broken for a long but still so much fun. Dual 1887's, unlimited care packages, one man army.... haha. MW2 was the peak of CoD for me. Which makes sense since that was the last IW game.

@i_stay_puft yeah there's still people playing them! CoD 4 is mostly snipers though.

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Yeah, It began to ruin it for the rest of us.

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Yeah, I remember back in the old days, when the Javelin glitch hadn't been patched and Akimbo 1887s were broken as hell. Bad times, because I hadn't unlocked either by the time they were fixed. Even then, MW2 was still ridiculously imbalanced. Ah, to be young again and not be super jaded about competitive multiplayer first person shooters.

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modern warfare 2 was so much funnnnoh my god i loved those days

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1887 sniping ruined MW multiplayer for. I freaking hated it above anything else. It wasn't funny. It wasn't fun. It was just flat out annoying. I still think Cod 4 was the best for MP in the series.

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There was so much about this multiplayer that I really loved, and yet, so much that I really couldn't stand.

This was, flat out, the end for me and Call of Duty multiplayer. Call of Duty 4, obviously, holds a special place. Modern Warfare 2 is the point where I knew the franchise had sort of passed me by as its target demographic.

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I'm pretty sure I bought the game shortly after all the crazy broken stuff was patched out. Luckily there was still plenty of smaller broken things in the game to deal with. That game annoyed me greatly at times, but it was still tons of fun and I played it more than any person should play one video game.

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This ended my love for COD back in the day.

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Yes, and I loved it.

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@zirilius: I was one of those assholes, Marathon Man With Akimbos was glorious and a blast.

@i_stay_puft: I recently booted up COD4 and yeah people are still playing it on 360.

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Yeah, the care package glitch, the javelin stuff, and the akimbo shotguns all made the game worse. One of the many reasons that I think that COD4 multiplayer was better.

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I discovered Octodad the first early alpha around the time MW2 launched. I believe I played MW2 around 2011 and then the Dick Cheney line came up and then didn't want to play any more.

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Jesus, yeah. That was fucking nuts. Like, it was actually insane how broken the multiplayer was. Yet ironically I probably had the most fun with the game during that time, as others have said. The Javelin glitch in particular was hilarious.

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I played it on the PC, so it got real broken near the end of that game's lifespan. In fact, I recorded some of it.

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This footage was sitting on my PC for ages.

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I'm not trying to question the rules, but isn't weird that swears aren't allowed in thread titles on site where every staff video is full of gratuitous language and swearing is allowed everywhere else on the forums?

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Yep... good times.

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