What aim speed setting is everyone using in MW2 for online???

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I'm currently using custom setting 3. Meaning 1 step up from default setting. 
i question is what do all you guys use. Just wondering if I should try to use a high setting and get used to it to have a copetitive edge for online matches?
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I don't think that's aim speed you're talking about, more like sensitivity.
I've put my setting to something like, 3. That's between average and high in the custom settings. It takes me a bit less time to switch over to the next target with the higher sensitivity, which happens to make a slight difference and not too oversensitive that I can't even get a shot off at people.

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Started on 7, then moved to 8, then 9. The more I play the higher I need it. Probably be to 10 in the next couple days.

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Been using medium, started a bit higher but went down later. Do all the "pros" use superhigh sensitivity?

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I don't understand how anyone can play past a sensitivity of 8. They must have eagle eyes and fingers like tornadoes.
I use a comfortable 6. But may lower it to 5 or so.

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