Would you pay $60 if MW2 was Multiplayer only?

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#1 Posted by Jack_Daniels (1418 posts) -
#2 Posted by FlamingHobo (4514 posts) -

For £45? No way.

#3 Posted by Jack_Daniels (1418 posts) -

Ive beaten the first level of the campaign and logged like fifteen hours in the multiplayer.

#4 Posted by AndrewB (7693 posts) -

I'd imagine the single player campaign is an afterthought for many people, and there have certainly been multiplayer-only, full-priced games in the past.

#5 Posted by Arjuna (889 posts) -

I would, because I have a disposable income, but I would regard it as a rip-off.

#6 Posted by Bucketdeth (8057 posts) -

I won't buy the game as it is now for 60$, but thats just because of Activision.

#7 Posted by Tanner (8 posts) -

I would probably  still buy it since the majority of the time I put into the game is going to be online and there are plenty of other games that come out that are around 5-20 hours with no multilayer and most people are probably going to play the multilayer for a lot more then 20 hours.

#8 Posted by Pazy (2607 posts) -

I didnt even buy it with the SP so taking away more features wouldent make me more interested. Though as purely hypothetical of paying full price for an Multiplayer (or perhaps online only like an MMO..) only game them sure, Ive done that before and probably will again (or at least games that have SP essentially be bot match's).

#9 Edited by mernmern (45 posts) -

No.  I always run the campaign first.  Campaigns tell stories that are dictated in ways envisioned by the developers.  Multiplayer often descends in to chaos.  Dont get me wrong, I like multiplayer, but if  video games are to be viewed in the same light as movies and books, then they need to deliver an engaging story not simply a visceral escape. 

#10 Posted by Kblt (496 posts) -

paying for a multiplayer that doesn't even work properly is goddamn retarded.

#11 Posted by Diamond (8634 posts) -

No.  The SP is a small part of the appeal of the game, but not having it at all would drive me away.

#12 Posted by Jaxboy (88 posts) -

No.  I only buy games for their single-player component.

#13 Posted by Jack_Daniels (1418 posts) -
@Jaxboy said:
" No.  I only buy games for their single-player component. "
Really? Wow! You are missing one of the best multiplayer experiences ever.
#14 Posted by zombie2011 (5133 posts) -

No, i would never buy a multiplayer game.

#15 Posted by DanceDanceKennypants (632 posts) -

56 dollars, tops.

#16 Posted by JJOR64 (19109 posts) -


#17 Posted by eroticfishcake (7793 posts) -

I rather pay $60 for a packet of crisps then this. Maybe $5 at most but I really don't care for it.

#18 Posted by TaccyP (307 posts) -

I'm not really compelled to buy the game as it is now (I'm a PC gamer). So if single player was removed then definitely no.

#19 Posted by VWGTI (1919 posts) -

No way. CoD to me has always been about the single player. CoD4 was the first game in the series that was more about the multi than the single. At least they put in some fun solo/co-op stuff this time around.

#20 Posted by Jaxboy (88 posts) -
@Jack_Daniels said:
" @Jaxboy said:
" No.  I only buy games for their single-player component. "
Really? Wow! You are missing one of the best multiplayer experiences ever. "
That may be.  But, considering the hugely lopsided number of bad multi-player experiences I've had compared to good, that's not saying much :)
#21 Posted by Venatio (4495 posts) -

No I would not

#22 Posted by Hannibal (863 posts) -

I would have said no before I bought it, but now that I bought it I'd say yes.

#23 Edited by PureRok (4236 posts) -

No. I'm not even going to spend money on it as-is; within the foreseeable future, anyway.

#24 Posted by TheGreatGuero (9130 posts) -

I don't think so, but I still haven't played either MW game online. Maybe once I do, I'll change my mind. I would however, pay $60 just for single player...

#25 Posted by Chokobo (1228 posts) -

If the game only included Special Ops and Multiplayer, yes.

#26 Posted by CitizenKane (10513 posts) -

Yes, I would.  Then again, I spent $150 on the whole thing, so of course I would.  :)

#27 Posted by m1k3 (1340 posts) -

No way... i really liked the story  from the first one. making me pay $60 and not continue the story would be wrong.

#28 Posted by Badam (431 posts) -

I'm more of a single/Coop player. I didn't get CoD 4 until someone bought it for me. I only play multiplayer with friends & people I want to play with.

#29 Posted by SoothsayerGB (1468 posts) -

Had the game for a few days now.  Like everyone else.  Haven't touched the single player.  4's was shit, so no reason to play it.  My friends have already confirmed it's craptastic attempts at being decent.  But fails even more then 4.
I payed over normal price, for just the MP.  As far as the game in concerned.    
I, like a lot of gamers, have been playing 4 since 07.  MW 2 is a unneeded, but very much wanted, upgrade to a game I have been playing for 2 years.  
The MP is the best ever!  Bar none.  

#30 Posted by HitmanAgent47 (8575 posts) -

I like single player games and no I wouldn't buy it if it's only multiplayer. I rarely find multiplayer more fun than single player and it feels like only a component of the game, however that's only my opinion.

#31 Posted by Demyx (3237 posts) -

Hell no, not for full price. Then again, I won't be picking it up anyway, at least not anytime soon.

#32 Posted by Bubahula (2197 posts) -

no. im not good at the multiplayer, i wouldnt buy it without somthing i know i can be good at
#33 Posted by Emilio (3380 posts) -

I'd pay 20 bucks for it, max, if it was online only.

#34 Posted by Meteora (5790 posts) -

Yes. I spend a lot of time on the multiplayer of MW2. But I would just see it as slacking off from IW regarding with no singleplayer.

#35 Posted by Breadfan (6590 posts) -

Yes.  There are countless hours of game play to be had with the game online.

#36 Posted by Jack_Daniels (1418 posts) -
@CitizenKane said:
" Yes, I would.  Then again, I spent $150 on the whole thing, so of course I would.  :) "
Enjoy those Nightvision goggles!
#37 Posted by CitizenKane (10513 posts) -
@Jack_Daniels said:
" @CitizenKane said:
" Yes, I would.  Then again, I spent $150 on the whole thing, so of course I would.  :) "
Enjoy those Nightvision goggles! "
I certainly have!  They are better than what I was expecting.
#38 Edited by PhilESkyline (788 posts) -

No way...I didn't even pay full price for the regular game.
I traded in MW1 and Fallout 3 for $40 bucks and only paid $24 something at Gamestop.
MW1 is useless, and Fallout 3 is done since new GOTY edition is out with all the DLC added in.
I think I made out good.

#39 Posted by Godwind (2596 posts) -

I would.  Paid $50 for Quake 3 Arena, a multiplayer only game.

#40 Posted by Linkyshinks (9880 posts) -

No, but of course there are some that do. I imagine it's a minus 20 percentile.

#41 Posted by GeekDown (1170 posts) -

I wouldn't buy it at all if it was multiplayer only...

#42 Posted by Red (5994 posts) -

Yes. I've already logged 7 hours into the multiplayer, and I don't see any end in sight.

#43 Posted by nigel (18 posts) -

Most definitely.  I would certainly consider it getting my money's worth.
#44 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5470 posts) -


#45 Posted by SirPsychoSexy (1332 posts) -

Id pay $150

#46 Posted by LiquidPrince (16297 posts) -


#47 Posted by SuperfluousMoniker (2914 posts) -

Shhhh, you guys, quit giving Bobby Kotick ideas!

#48 Edited by Jimbo (10111 posts) -

I wouldn't buy it at any price if it was multiplayer only.  I got my fix of shooty team MP back when Rainbow Six came out, I don't feel the need to keep re-buying that same experience over and over again.
A decent amount of BF2 (That persistent/unlocking idea was pretty compelling. Once.), a little CSS, DoD:S and CoD4 is about the only FPS MP I've spent any time with between then and now.  Granted, BF2 and Day of Defeat were interesting in their own way, but every time I play 'regular' FPS multiplayer I realise that it's still virtually identical to the MP I was playing a decade ago - everybody runs around like headless chickens, sometimes you get the drop on somebody and get a kill, sometimes you don't.
I can't get my head around how people enjoy repeating the same process over and over again for hundreds of hours, but they seem to, so whatever works for them.
Edit:  When Activision get around to making World of Duty, an MMOFPS based on a single persistent planet, I will totally shell out $60 for it.

#49 Posted by Soap (3656 posts) -

Not a chance in hell

#50 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19417 posts) -

I doubt it.

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