WTf is oscar mike????

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What does it mean? Where does it come from?? Also what is danger close???    
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Means " On the move" 

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It's the phonetic alphabet for "OM", which stands for "On the Move".

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"Danger close" means that friendly explosions/fire/air support are close to your area, if I'm not mistaken.

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Danger Close is the area around an explosion that is, well, Dangerously Close. Anyone in Danger Close is at risk of getting exploded, or at least hurt by falling buildings etc.

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Danger close is indirect fire (mortars/artillery/bombs) that is called in within such a radius that it poses a danger to friendly forces.

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can anyone tell me why the term "Oscar Mike" got so popular?

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@thoseposers said:
" can anyone tell me why the term "Oscar Mike" got so popular? "
It appeared frequently during MW2, and due to the fact that the game is a massive release it reached prominence, I think.
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@thoseposers: Modern Warfare 2, Jeff saying it a lot, and a t-shirt.
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Because some people played Modern Warfare 2.

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@thoseposers said:
" can anyone tell me why the term "Oscar Mike" got so popular? "
Because RAMIREZ!
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It was named after Oscar the Grouch whose full name is Oscar Michael Goldblum. Oh and yes his younger brother is beloved actor Jeff Goldblum.

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@thoseposers said:
" can anyone tell me why the term "Oscar Mike" got so popular? "
MW2, but also Generation Kill, which is probably why MW2 had people declaring the Oscar Mike-ness of everything.
Bravo 2, Oscar Mike!
Enemy foot mobile, Oscar Mike!
This ham sandwich, Oscar Mike! *omm nom nom nom*
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its army jargon for "on the move". its really not used that often in reality but the video games industry discovered it from the film generation kill and have been over using it ever since.
#16 Posted by Grilledcheez (3957 posts) - Oscar Mayer hot dogs Mike's hard lemonade 
It's when you want a hot dog and a Mike's hard lemonade

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Both "on the move" and "on mission." Same thing, really. And danger close is when danger is, get this, fucking close.

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I belive it means, on the move

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It means get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich.

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I like SNAFU. I saw a kids book once called The Swine Snafu and i thought "hmmm..i wonder if that author knows what snafu stands for" 
I'm guessing no.

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I love how most people just read the original post and then give the same answer as all the guys above them :-)

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I always thought it meant "moving out", but that and "on the move" pretty much goes for the same thang, right?

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Screw Oscar Mike, and Snafu!  Its all about FUBAR!

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Generation Kill (2008)
- F.N.G. (Fucking New Guy)
- Oscar Mike (On the Move)
- Stay Frosty
- Fight at a bridge
- Filming combat
- Close Quarters Battle in vehicles


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