optimusprime's Modern Warfare 2 (PlayStation 3) review

Infinity Ward = horse shit

I would tell you how much i enjoyed playing through the campaign of this game, but you would never know i even played it since the lovely "update" Infinity Ward put out when the game came out disabled my trophies like it did many others.  Now I am not obsessed with my trophies nor do i care who sees them, this is a matter of principal.  How come there is ALWAYS a disadvantage to owning the PS3 version of a game?!  Is it a big conspiracy that they put out an update that "accidently" fuck people by not giving them trophies? or is this the work of an overpayed developer who couldn't give a shit about testing these things before releasing them to the public?  
My review of this game stands where it is, purely for the fact that Infinity Ward does not give a shit about PS3 players.  Playing through the story is never gonna be the same now since my frustration will be always be in the back of my mind about how screwed over i was choosing the PS3 version over the 360 version.   
I never liked Call of duty 4 like most others did, but i wanted to give this game an honest chance even after the airport video that leaked online.  But Infinity Ward took my trust and slapped me in the face with it.  Well, Infinity Ward.  You don't win this one, because that is the last of my money you will ever see.

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Posted by maladjusted

Ok... Great review.. I love your deep and insightful comments about the gameplay.

Posted by DSTV

great unbiased review(sarcasm)...you modded your ps3 didn't you 
p.s, your review sucks

Posted by mrhankey

Ok, i'm not going to say your review sucks. However in lieu of your reason for being angry, concerning trophies, i think you'll find that your rather irrational conclusion (perhaps emotional) has destroyed your opinion, especially for anyone that reads this review.

Posted by CitizenKane

I'm sure IW is very scared of you and your nonsensical bitching.

Posted by OptimusPrime

First off, God forbid i give this game anything lower than a perfect score.  I should have known fanboys were going to give me shit about this review.
Now,  I realize the game itself is not a bad game, it just has it's problems.
I thank MrHankey for pointing out that YES the trophy issue has ruined the whole experience for me.  I gave the game a second chance trying not to think about trophies but as if it was mocking me, it decided to unlock trophies for doing things in the mission and yet STILL not unlock them at the end of the level.
I simply wrote this review as a warning to all those who really care about thier trophies and to tell them to NOT PLAY THIS GAME.  It will piss you trophy collectors off like it did me. 
I personally find it very hard to enjoy this game when in the back of my mind the trophy bullshit still bothers me.
So for all the people who left a negative comment on my review, go fuck yourselves, i couldn't give give a fuck about what you think, your all fanboys anyway.  But for the people who read it and can sympathize with what i am saying (there are a few out there), thank you.

Posted by Bubahula

im sorry i thought these were user reviews. not places to bitch about companies. find a better way to vent

Edited by InvaderBonaparte

Who gives a fuck about trophies you immature gump.
Enjoy a game for what it is, not the little pop-ups in the corner, seriously your e-dick may get bigger but your real life one only shrinks when you post shit like this. It's not even a fucking review.

Posted by SJSchmidt93

Beautiful piece of writing.
Gonna print this out, frame it and stick it on my wall.

Posted by Coolarman
@CitizenKane said:
" I'm sure IW is very scared of you and your nonsensical bitching. "
Edited by big_jon

No shit. Stupid review, you are a douche You re going to mock people about not giving this game a perfect review? You gave it a 1 out of ten this game clearly deserves more than that and if not that it deserves a good reason for it. Thumbs down you douchey douche bag.
Posted by Gunner612

you think the PS3 version was gimped?
i loled.

Posted by Systech

You're so cool.

Posted by wubzu

Your review does suck anus, but I do agree with you.  This game WILL be the downfall of modern games.

Posted by jakob187

AAAAANNNNNDDDDDD this is why we need some form of moderation for user reviews...

Posted by majnuker

just flag it like i did.

Edited by Ujio

I understand this would be cause for you to be frustrated with the game, but this is not the appropriate outlet to vent those frustrations. If you want to criticize the game, developer or publisher write a BLOG about it or take it to the forums. Don't waste time posting a non-review of the game just to vent your anger. It comes across as very childish and immature.

Posted by CraigAA1028

This review = Horse shit 
A review is suppose to be an opinion of the actual product you bought. You know, the gameplay, graphics, etc. Not a rant that bitches about the developer. You're reviewing the game, not the people who made it.

Posted by sped83

OptimusPrime........you are an eejit.
Posted by RiddleBrother

Wow, who wouldn't want to cater to a shrill self entitled fuck-wit who throws temper tantrums but refers to them as "principals"?
Way to go, sticking it to the man. Keep on, easy rider, keep on...

Posted by LiquidSwords

If you only play games based on trophies or achievements, you're a fucking turd.

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