asojax's Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360) review

Not a multiplayer fan

My review is mainly based on the single player aspect of any game, im not a fan of multiplayer games i have no interest in listening to someone else whine online, as far as this game goes for someone who enjoys single player games it is a very polished and well made game.   the single player aspect is short, it seems infinty ward had no interest in doing anything to improve the single player aspect it just feels like cod:mw all over again which is my biggest gripe with any sequel if your gonna spend all your time improving something do more than improving multiplayer, as far as "no russian" level it completely feels unnecesary and out of place in the game as a level it could have been a cut scene and would have made more sense to the story.   I honestly can't recommend this game as a purchase until it hits $20, but if multiplayer is your thing then you may have fun, single player mode just doesn't cut it for someone like me who enjoys the relaxation i get from playing a good game by myself.

Posted by ChunkyBubb

The story can feel disjointed but it is not bad and multiplayer is excellent and I recommend you play it. Multiplayer makes you feel good even if you suck at it by the constant awards of it. But do not give the game one star even though you have only played one of the three modes it contains.

Posted by KidA

Why would you choose to review this game if you have only experienced the weakest and most insignificant of it?

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