ferginator4k's Modern Warfare 2 (PC) review

An amazing game and a worthy follow up to COD4 for the most part


Call of Duty 4 was one of the biggest games in recent years, it overhauled the way gamers played shooters online and provided a stellar single player campaign that could be compared with a rollercoaster.

The original COD4 had the player changing characters and this is very much the same in MW2 with you spending the majority of the game playing as ‘Roach’ Sanderson who is a protégé to Captain ‘Soap’ Mctavish of Task Force 141 a counter terrorist group that works to fight against Russian Ultranationalists.

Suffice to say the game continues off from COD4 and is a fast paced almost summer blockbuster of a game, although the game does lose its steam towards the end of the game with an illogical plot twist and disappointing ending. To put it simply, if you liked the plot of the first game odds are you will like the plot of this game for the most part despite the single players being a couple hours shorter than COD4.

The gameplay on a basic level is very similar to COD4 but lots of little things have been improved to give it more depth and make the game more dynamic an example of this is the addition of Akimbo weapons and the Heartbeat sensor add on which support new playstyles to allow you to play through the game in whatever fashion suits you.

These changes to the gameplay make much more of an impact in multiplayer.

Whilst the changes make a more dynamic and enjoyable multiplayer experience these changes are cut short by a sense of grinding and (for the most part) lackluster maps.
One of the major changes to multiplayer is the new levels of customization available to players allowing them to customize their Killstreaks, Callsigns, Titles, Deathstreaks as well as weapons and perks.

The graphics of the game are stellar and in some places the game is superior to COD4 but for the most part the game is on par with its two predecessors, despite these similarities the game does tout some new weather and visual effects that really exnchance the experience.

The game has also retained a cinematic feel from COD4 and this combined with the games stellar visual elements really brings the game to life.

Infinity Ward by some miracle managed to get Hans Zimmer to do the soundtrack for the game and it really improves the game a huge amount.

The epic score helps give scope to the action and the music always fits the situation. Accompanying the great score is stellar voice acting for all of the characters except perhaps the dull sounding General Shepard.


MW2 is an amazing game that comes with a highly cinematic and engaging single player and a Lengthy and addictive multiplayer mode, these are coupled with the addition of the new cooperative spec-ops mode. All these elements give the game more value than any other release this year and Despite some niggles MW2 is nothing short of fucking amazing.


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