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The game's kinda like a rocket...

Here we are, the juggernaut that is Call of Duty.  After getting my hands on Modern Warfare 2 and going through and completing all three modes, I was impressed.  But slowly, it occurred to me.  "This gameplay is really stale."  I was having so much fun with it, and then it just turned into another boring FPS.  I love it, don't get me wrong, but it builds on what we kept playing in COD4.  Spec Ops was a great addition, even though it was easy and took me about 14 hours total to complete.  The campaign was good, and it had it's fair share of surprises and action packed scenes.  But it didn't deliver on the way it should have.  The multiplayer, well, it's the same.  Yes you have your newer things, like more attachments, camos, weapons, and perks; but you will prestige and feel the repetitiveness kicking back in.  It's an amazing package, just feels old and stale. Thus, we come to my title.  The game is like a rocket, awesome and inspiring on the way up, memorizing when it climaxes, and then boring and lame on it's way down.

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