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Console FPS NOOB gives thumbs up!

If you read my Left 4 Dead review you would already know I'm an old school PC Gamer who went casual for a while (I got a Mac for video editing) and just started to play FPS using a controller. I skipped the whole HALO thing so dual analog sticks was fresh in my hands for aiming guns outside of GTA. 
I was lectured by hardcore Xbox fanboy friends that COD4 is the SHIT. It seemed to hardcore for me which turned me off but as the game was released I was itching for a new FPS so decided to hope on the bandwagon since I knew there would be tons of people online to play with. 
I started with the singleplayer mode to get my feet wet in the Call of Duty world and boy was it a thrilling ride. The single player was great even though I wasn't paying attention to the trite story. It felt like an action movie more than a FPS in a good way. 
Then I started the Spec Ops co-op mode with a friend over Live and that was a great experience. So much variety and so fun to play with a friend with the mic enabled. 
Then I gave the main multiplayer a try. At first I wasn't feeling it. It felt really hard and I was getting murdered in any game I hopped in. I kept at it and was encouraged while playing with friends until I got to level 13 or so when it finally CLICKED for me. 
Shit this game is crack. The more you play the better you get and the better you get you are rewarded with perks and weapons that encourage you to get even better at the game. It felt like being trapped in a casino that everyone wins except for your social life and personal hygene. Shit is this game addictive. 
Now I can't sleep and I only play Modern Warfare 2. I have lost my job and my girlfriend left me with the dog. 5/5 Stars.


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