typetool's Modern Warfare 2 (PC) review

Moder Warfare 2!

I have not played the game game i have only played multiplayer, but still the game is good it has new guns as all the new cod's and old. The DRFT clan are making some kick ass montages that are a must see videos on youtube, they have all new maps that let you go almost anywhere. They have new perks and some old, you can also now throw your knife if you want to kill someone from a far distance and you have no ammo or grenades(YAY) Its is a 5/5 star game, a must experience your self game. You will have no fun watching other people play unless you are playing with them.

Posted by nickhimself

Another stellar review from the Modern Warfare 2 crowd. I'm pleased to see you lot still don't have a basic grip on semantics or grammar. 
Kudos for writing a non-review with no substance.

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