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So is this Map Pack worth it?

This is a tough thing to review because it's not really a game, but let's give it my best shot.

So first thing to discuss is obviously the price point, because that seems to be the touchy issue with everyone who plays BattleField Bad Company 2, who kind of want to smear Modern Warfare 2. So lets peek into the past to another very popular, highly praised Xbox 360 game, that millions of people still play to this day, Halo 3. Each and every map pack they released consisted of 3 maps and it was priced at 800 points, which breaks down to about 230 points per map, which is roughly 3 dollars a map. Now you got Modern Warfare 2 offering up 5 maps for 1200 points, which also breaks down to 3 dollars a map. Basically what i'm trying to show here, is that the price is not as crazy out there as everyone seems to think it is. As for Battlefield Bad Company 2 if you buy it used you have to pay 15$ to give you access to VIP stuff, which essentially will shut down the idea of trading in games, which i'm severely against so they both have ups and downs.

So lets talk about the Map Pack as DLC, five maps definitely adds a lot to the game, because lets be honest, if you've been playing this game since launch, all the maps till now have started to grow a little stale, so its nice to see five maps make their way in. Lets talk about the maps one by one.

Bailout - Bailout is a medium size map that takes place in a sort of apartment complex area with a few long buildings with narrow corridors and a pretty small street in between two main buildings that stretch from one side of the map to the other. This map, from what i've seen has been great fun for both Deathmatch and Objective gametypes, easily one of my favorite maps on Modern Warefare 2.

Salvage - Salvage is a small size map that takes place in a sort of snowy junkyard. It has lots of small passage ways and only two small buildings with two levels, that don't have a great view over the battlefield. This map is a lot of fun, mostly because of the small size, its hectic and there is often trouble lurking around most corners. This map is great for Capture the Flag, Deathmatch and HQ Pro.

Storm - Storm is a medium size map that takes place in sort of an industrial area with lots of buildings and lots of pretty nice places to snipe. The thing I like the most about this map, is that its a very complex map with lots of ways into both sides, but it is entirely possible to get in if you try hard enough. This map is a blast for most objective gametypes, like Sabotage, Demolition, HQ Pro, hell even Capture the Flag.

Crash and Overgrown - These are both old Call Of Duty 4 maps, so i'm going to put them together because I'm sure most of you know what they are like, and what game types are good on them. Capture the Flag, is obviously now on them, and its just like any other map on Capture the Flag, some good fun. But I would like to say that these maps have been hardly re-touched for better or for worse, I realize that these to maps are the main problem of the whole map pack, but to be fair they are the only two maps I would want in Modern Warfare 2 from Call of Duty 4. The graphics have been upped obviously, with the new engine the maps look better then they did before, and the HDR lighting, I find really shines through on these two maps, even more so, then all the other maps, but maybe that's just me.

So the bottom line, If you have been playing this game since its launch, I don't see any reason why not pick up this map pack. If your like me and your picky with your multiplayer games, and you like Modern Warefare 2 I suggest you pick it up, for everyone else, this might not be entirely worth it. I think these 3 new maps are among the best maps i've played in Modern Warefare 2 and have got me to start playing objective gametypes, and Although the price point is high, I'm happy with my purchase.    

Posted by TheDoubleJ

good review
Posted by Kornkaos
@kous18: Thanks totally thought you were going to smear it, Have a feeling not to many people are going to be liking this one =P

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