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Stay frosty people, its going to be a long one.

So much talk with the PC version I decided to finally take the plunge and jump in to some Modern Warfare 2.  First thing thought is why is this game still so expensive? I mean the cheapest ive seen it is £29.99, there are newer games out there are cheaper then this. Its one of them things that really bothers me about the game right from the start its what 6 months old and still full price (well £10 higher then most games) .
Well anyway on to the review.  The singleplayer starts off a little slow but as the story picks up it really progress on. The second mission which i think off the top of my head is when you start playing as Roach really shows off how good the game looks. Its Modern Warfare with a new coat of paint and thats by no means a bad thing, it looks great I can run it full settings and have experinced no FPS drop at all which is saying a lot now my system is starting to feel a little bit dated.
But back to the singleplayer its certenly one of the best Ive played in a First person shooter. Its one of the only FPS's Ive basiclly been able to play in one sitting whch is kind of a bad thing in a way first playthrew I fin it on hardern mode with in about 4 hours give or to which isn't a long time but in a way I think if they would of made sick after another hour or 2 so its a funny way of looking at it really.

Another thing which people seem to dislike a lot is that there to much going on. For example basiclly in COD4 one or 2 major things happen, in this about 10. Ok they made it into an action movie but is there anything wrong with that? The characters are well developed, the Action seens when they happen look great. So yeh I guess you could call it a dumb action movie but most people love dumb action movies. 

To quickly talk about no russian mission which recivced much controversy, after playing it I can say they knew this was going to cause a lot of talk about video game violince but its been done before in other films and even games, how is it any different to gunning down civilians in say a one of the GTA games? Its not and its just another way for the media to go games are evil and we should ban them (faceplam).

Anyway to put in short terms I really enjoyed the singleplayer a lot. Its saying a lot when a game can keep me on my seat basiclly for the whole ride. While story telling has been done better in other games its still a great romp. The special ops mode is a nice bonus also but I wish i knew someone to play it with. One more complant thought is why no story Co-op? World at War done it well so why couldn't it be done here? Even with two people it would of been great fun.
Right so on to multiplayer and I would say because of how long its been it isn't going to change to much. Anyway in short .. it sucks. Everything it does just feels like a step backwards for online PC games. The Match making for starters doesn't work. Now isn't Match Making also meant to match you with people who are at fairly the same skill level as you? So why did it keep paring me with rank 60s while I was still ranked at one.

Anyway once you finally get into a game (its about 40% chance that it will close due to host issues ect) it is nine times out of ten a cluster fuck of just noob tubeing. I thought it was bad in Bad Company 2 but here its truly on a different level. For the most part its COD4 but considering there about over 60 ranks I don't seem to unlock a whole lot. and them kill streaks are back... 

I hated the ones in the first but I could live with it. Here , I will either die from noob tubing, heles, planes ect but hardly ever from actually shooting a gun... I will say I thought the small player matches like 6v6 and the 3rd person mode would piss me off but they don't. I guess its nice to play a game with a lot less of what I said above but it can still happen from time to time.

Hackers are also kind of a big problem one thing which Iwnet was meant to do was to make it a whole lot harder to people to hack there game but with in day one people were posting videos of them hacking. I meet quite a few in my fairly small playtime but the biggest problem is your unable to boot them from the game, a feet which would be easy in dedicated servers.

To put it simply this game would of been miles better if they would of kept the the dedicated servers. It would of fixed about 70% of the issues this game has online and I have truly seen no benfit to haveing iwnet. The genreal opinion is that the only reason they choose it was so they can charge for dlc. While there no proof at this time (give it a couple of weeks).
Its sad if they did all of this just to charge for maybe 1 or 2 map packs while for example Vavle is giving away a ton of content for L4D2 for free. In away it sums it all up Modern Warfare 2 could of had it all. It has a great singleplayer and would of had a good mulitplayer to but because of what appears to be nothing more then greed it fail on the latter which is such a big part of the game.

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