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When Hajime's love Wakana passes entrance exam in Tokyo University, Hajime decides to follow her. Hoverer with his current grades he would never be able to do it  in 400 years. So Hajime goes to a Japanese Shrine to ask god to allow him entrance. However instead of making miracles god tells him to study and try his best.  The next day he wakes up with 3 female angels sent by god in his bed, and their names are Word (ワード), Idiom (イディオム), and Grammar (グラマー).  The three girls then proceed to help him study the English Language, one of his greatest weaknesses.


Gameplay in Moe Sta is linear visual novel, where you play from the perspective of Hajime, a student.  Hajime converses with many people, and to progress in the Story you must learn the English Language through study sessions with the various Girls.  Each girl teaches a different skill (Word teaches Vocabulary, Grammar teaches grammar and Idiom teaches Idioms).  After learning from a girl, you take tests, and depending on how well you do you gain expirience in that subject filling a bar.  When the bar is filled you level up.

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