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Moe Szyslak is the owner of Moe's Tavern, a bar in the town of Springfield. His establishment is run-down and often in violation of local health codes. It also occasionally runs low on business as it only has a small group of regulars. Moe himself is a bitter person who is generally avoided by others and suffers from depression and even suicidal thoughts due to his isolation and the way he views himself. He does occasionally spruce up his bar or make efforts at meeting other people, but these usually end in him returning himself and his bar to their old ways. Moe is a frequent victim of prank calls made by Bart Simpson, but he has yet to figure out who exactly is responsible for them.

Moe has appeared in Simpsons games ever since the Simpsons Arcade Game was released. Occasionally he has been a playable character, such as in Simpsons: Road Rage where he and his sedan are available.

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