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Final Fantasy IX

Mognet made its first appearance in Final Fantasy IX as a mail service used to send letters between moogles. The service is operated in Mognet Central by Artemicion, the head of Mognet . During the course of Final Fantasy IX, the player discovers that the service has broken down, and the moogles come to rely on the player to help deliver letters for them to other moogles in a series of sidequests that net the party a a special item, the Kupo Nut, which could be exchanged for prizes.

Final Fantasy III (Remake)

Mognet wouldn't make it's next appearance until the 2006 remake of Final Fantasy III and took a very different form from the Mognet system in Final Fantasy IX. The most notable difference was that the Mognet service was no longer for moogles but rather for the player. Using the built-in Wi-Fi capabilities of the Nintendo DS, players were able to send and receive letters from other Final Fantasy III players so long as the two players had registered each others 12-digit friend code. In addition to sending and receiving letters to other human players, it was possible for players to interact with characters from within the game itself through Mognet.
Mognet also served a practical purpose as it was used to unlock a secret dungeon as well as an unlockable job class.

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