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Mohammed in a fist fight with Niko Bellic
Roman often sends Mohammed to give Niko Bellic free taxi rides, a practice which makes Mohammed very irritable towards Niko. He swears and makes offensive statements towards Niko, often calling him "head dick" and sometimes implies that Niko is a zoophile, homosexual or bondage fetishist, usually using broken English. Unlike normal taxi drivers he is willing to give Niko a lift no matter how many police officers may be chasing him and with Roman having little money presumably gets paid a very small amount for his work.
According to Mohammed himself, he has a wife which he genuinely loves (because she "cooks and tidies" for him), but he "loves pussy too" and has six children, possibly all from different women. He implies that due to working for Roman is able to pay for prostitutes. 


  • "I see you have taken a break from romancing every animal in zoo and started abusing generosity of your cousin. Great!" 
  • "Get in, head dick!"
  • Niko: "We're going to Jim John's avenue."
         Mohammed: "I thought you were going to say that I should ride to strip club full of men!"
  • Niko: "Hey man, it would be cool if you could switch the radio. How about Liberty Rock Radio?"
         Mohammed: "I'm assuming that I'd get fired if I won't do what you say."
  • "I have to buy a tree-shaped air fresheners to get rid of stink from dirt-bags like you!"
  • "Not only I gave you a free ride, but you made the car smell of pig shit!"

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