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As if wrestlers, men with jetpacks, ninjas, & masked, blade-gloved lunatics weren't odd enough, Streets of Rage's Syndicate thought they'd round out their nomination for "weirdest criminal organization" by employing a couple of robots.

Molecule, Particle and the other random-science-term-named fighting machines only put in a few appearances in the game, having first popped up at the end of the penultimate level, so that the last level became their one opportunity for a reappearance.
This might be just as well, as they can be somewhat frustrating to deal with, thanks to their long reach and constant hopping which makes them a bother to get a grip on, or means that any attack will knock them to the floor rather than set them up for a string of hits. They are also one of several enemies who will break free of a hold if held onto for long.

Though their metal bodies might lead one to think that Molecule and the other robots are difficult to hurt, it seems that Axel and his friends have trained their fists to a point of utter toughness, and can injure the robots quite easily. That or the Syndicate decided to cut corners and build them out of aluminium.

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