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Molly Ossman is the daughter of Dr. Ossman. It is because of her father's position in the Avatar research team that she has her own Avatar body, and Molly needs her Avatar body as she is in coma, and the Avatar lets her to interact with people.

One time walking around the Skycliffs research station she met a Na'vi boy Nok. Molly got trapped by some rocks when a tremor hit the area. Nok was the one who rescued her. When Nok rescued some of the animals her father worked on, Molly joined his cause and helped him.

In another lab, Molly again met Nok who was chasing after Dr. Ossman, and gave him a keycard to get through some of the doors. Molly also revealed that she doesn't agree with her father's research to control Pandora's animals.

When Nok finally confronted Dr. Ossman, and was attacked, Molly jumped in front of the blast to save Nok. Lungoray healed her Avatar body and she joined Nok after the last battle.

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