What i think this game needed (and yet already has)

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I just finished the LockPick's Story in the game through a single player playthrough. I enjoyed it, but one thing i think could have made single player a more enjoyable experience is if they developed a method to let you switch between characters mid mission. This could have added to the sense of strategy where one character is good at casing the joint, another's good with extracting money from crowded places, and yet another can just rearrange the pathways. The feeling of finding the best man (or lady) for the job to see a plan all come together would have fixed, i believe, a lot of issues with the single player's sense of "lacking" by comparison to the multiplayer.

As the game is now, if you want to switch to a new character mid mission, you just have to get the character you are playing killed and then you can pick from the remaining characters.

The weird thing is, you can call in other characters, without dying, if you have multiple controllers. (i'm playing on the PC with a 360 controller). The game features "jump in" Co-op, so at any time, when you see a job better suited for another character, you can just find a hiding spot and play the other character on a separate controller. This, to me, creates a more interesting single player experience but it's a cumbersome workaround that should just let you use a single controller.

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This game is, and I quote, an "indie co-op stealth game", meaning that if you're playing it alone you really are missing out on the best things this game has to offer.
Specially couch co-op, being in the same room while playing is an amazing experience, which is why I loved that for the PC they included that oldschool single-pc multiplayer play.

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I'd definitely recommend playing the game Co-Op with a 360 controller, even on the PC (locally or internet w/ voice), but, as reviews suggest the single player is, "lacking". It's by no means, "poor", It works well when you get deeper in, but this one flaw, that is already semi-avaliable in single player, should have been tooled better for single player.

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I completely agree, it wouldn't take that much work to improve the single-player experience, I'll have to try that foreveralone trick of playing with an extra controller to get two character types at the same time.

How I've been handling is I treat each level in "layers" so I use the character that's best for its task, like using the pickpocket to get coins from people, then letting him die and using the hacker to get those pesky biometric safes, etc. But you end up not getting that trophee for clearing it without deaths :(

I've just stopped playing single-player.

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A nice idea would be to provide a limited amount of switching you can do as a player, else it might become unbalanced. For example you pick 4 characters at the beginning of the mission and can only tag them in at designated zones in each stage. Maybe limit the number of switches you can perform with the coins (like 10 coins per switch or something).

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