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129745 Marino Game Overview 08/18/14 06:25PM 3 Approved
111714 whatsthatgame Game Overview extend classes section with description, image and abilites for each character plus info on where to unlock each; 06/03/14 02:53PM 115 Approved
88802 QQQ5 Game Overview Added Linux as a platform. Available at Steam and HumbleStore. 02/16/14 07:43AM 3 Approved
80154 rtrind Game Overview Adding release date 01/09/14 05:39PM 16 Approved
78456 Aero New Release 12/31/13 02:32PM 7 Approved
56919 abdo Game Overview cleanup 09/13/13 02:56AM 6 Approved
52246 peterpasinili007 Game Overview 08/25/13 12:11AM 58 Approved
47976 cxhgrunt Game Overview adding 'But will accept other buttons' concept to Monaco. 08/06/13 04:20PM 2 Approved
28202 abdo Game Releases 05/07/13 02:07AM 10 Approved
28201 abdo Game Overview 05/07/13 02:06AM 5 Approved
28200 abdo Game Releases 05/07/13 02:04AM 29 Approved
27311 Jailem Game Overview 05/03/13 04:32PM 1 Approved
26104 carlos707 Game Overview Entered Pickpockets easily overlooked and rather useful second skill 04/28/13 09:27PM 3 Approved
25598 Vigorousjammer Game Overview 04/27/13 12:26AM 2 Approved
25379 VarkhanMB Game Overview Added functional toilets to list of concepts 04/26/13 09:36AM 2 Approved
25376 VarkhanMB Game Overview Removed "upcoming game" and added the release date to the summary line. 04/26/13 09:34AM 5 Approved
25212 Dhutch Game Overview Simply more accurate info from having played. Also, The Cleaner can't heal, the bandage item does. 04/25/13 04:16PM 1 Approved
25167 Snail Game Releases 04/25/13 11:19AM 15 Approved
25044 ErinIsADrunk Game Releases Updated release info. 04/24/13 01:11PM 12 Approved
24831 Brad Game Overview 04/23/13 12:44PM 6 Approved
19030 DaBuddaDa Game Releases 04/03/13 10:49AM 30 Approved
19028 DaBuddaDa Game Overview 04/03/13 10:48AM 15 Approved
1253 ErinIsADrunk Game Overview More info added about the IGF prototype as well as some additions to the overview (updated wording) 02/13/13 10:20AM 25 Approved
627 ErinIsADrunk Game Overview Elaborated on what each individual is credited for. 02/12/13 07:47PM 6 Approved
625 ErinIsADrunk Game Overview Added info about the music. 02/12/13 07:44PM 34 Approved

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