Game crashes on startup

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Game crashes on startup for me. Anyone else? I've been basically spamming the steam forums to get them to fix the problem.  
I know it's in beta so I am not really that mad. I wanna play it again though... it was fun the couple times I played it. 

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Have you tried starting it a second time?

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Hey, thanks for the suggestion now it is working perfectly and you cured my cancer. NOT. ~borat 
K any one have a non retarded suggestion? Or does anyone else have this problem? 

#4 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5277 posts) -

There is that age old standby of just restarting steam. Usually that does the trick. Otherwise you can try to verify the integrity of your file location too. Something might have gotten garbled up last time the game accessed those files.

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this is why i'm getting the xbox version

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