GB Monday Night Combat player list

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Monday Night Combat GB'ers


GB User NameGamer Tag Preferred/ Usual Class 
 Scubasteve2010  Scubasteve2010  Gunner
 HairyMike87 HairyBeast87  Assault, Gunner, Support
 bhhawks78 bhhawks78  Gunner, Support
 GodSlam Doctor XIII  
 SteamPunkJin SteamPunkJin  Tank, Support
 silentghost227 Sir Felgar  
 tychoon tycH00n  Assassin, Assault 
 Log mattfromtexas  Assassin, Sniper
 tunaburn TheTunaburn  Gunner
 tomydingo TomyDingo  Assault, Gunner, Support
 Sparklykiss Pikapanda  Assault
 eschatonik eschatonik  Gunner, Support
 _SubZero_ Pinapple King9  Support, Tank
 MethodManFTW MethodMan008  Gunner
 Laughlin_12 Laughlin12  
 SalukiJeff Saluki Jeff  Gunner, Tank
 EpicSteve EpicBomb  
 Djjelloman DjJelloMan  Gunner, Support
 ClutchCargo plazmode  Gunner
 Thunderstarter Thunderstarter   Assassin, Support 
 VelvetLore04 HopeOnFire04   Assassin, Tank 
 gamefreaak91 DBZCell91  Assassin, Assault, Support 
 DickDarlington  Mouth Feel   Assassin, Assault, Gunner, Support
 DivineCC Divinecc   Support 
 Peacefulpaul108 PeacefulPaul108   Leaning Towards Support 
 WilliamRLBaker WilliamRLBaker   Sniper, Support 
 PrixDante Prix Dante   Assassin, Assault, Support 
 ImperiousRix Imperious Rix   Assault, Sniper, Support 
 Arker101 Arker101   Gunner, Support
 FraserCunningham oWarGreiVeRo  Assault, Gunner, Support 
 DarkTravesty  DarkTravesty  Assassin, Gunner, Support 
 Malawi1321 Hometown Rev   Gunner 
 Rosebud04 Rosebud04   Assassin, Assault, Support 
 Strait1377 Strait1377   Assassin, Gunner, Support 
 Ratfoot Ratfoot   Gunner, Sniper, Support 
 Invinctus Invinctus   Gunner 
 ICE_Trey ICE Trey 87   Gunner, Support 
 KwillyB KwillyB   Support, Tank 
 Empirepaintball MLG Toxic Cube   Gunner 
 Coffeespanks Coffespanks  Gunner, Support
 mfpantst mfpantst  Assault
 EpicSteve EpicBomb  Gunner
 Rehehelly Rehehelly  Support
 kingofpeanuts Overlord Peanut  All
 purplepeopleeater OrneryBread17  Gunner With a Dash of Tank
 Smokay Rawlsmash   Gunner, Support, Tank
 dvdhaus Haus513   Assassin 
 Scyllz meester scyllz  Assassin, Assault, Support
 OneKillWonder OneKillWonder99  Assault, Gunner, Support
 ConallStarrs Zippedmantis  Support, Tank
 TheBeast ttGB   Mostly Plays Tank. Mostly. 
 Delta_Ass  DeltaAssault1       Gunner 
 SumDeus  Caconym                 Assault, Support 
 Ravenlight TelisRavenlight   Plays'em All
 Jacob816   StationaryRadio                        Gunner
 djm323 djm232  Assault, Gunner 
 Livebythesword Livebythesword   Assassin 
 Mystyr_E MachineHero   Assassin, Gunner 
 camozombie CamoZombie   Assault, Gunner 
 MrJared Mr Jared   Support 
 BJorje B Jorje   Support 
 Solidchie annoyingkiller9   Assassin
 T00MuchSteeze T00 Much Steeze  Assassin, Sniper
 Devil240Z Devil240Z  
 KME93  KEV halo                 Assault, Support
 jakob187  lansharx54                 Gunner
 Kear  Kear                Tank
 Rmack   ZenPuff   All But the Snipe
 EdlsCool  ed1024  Support
 WerewolfGuy   Werewolf Guy       Support, Tank 
 Pitta PittaMan  Support
 consaw  consaw   Assassin, Gunner 
 Shaneman CantFeelMyLegos   Assassin, Support 
 creamypies  CrimePays                 Assassin, Assault, Sniper 
 Glen Tennis HotCheeseBandit   Assault, Support 
 Atlas ColtsFan8718   Testing the Waters 
 tranquilchaos TranquilChaos5      Assassin, Support  
 MFDoomLive MFDoom_Live  Gunner, Support 
 Sully  yllus           Gunner, Support 
 Frostler implodingPYRO   Assassin, Assault 
 foejoe  The Foejoe       Assassin, Gunner, Support 
 ry0wn quasar kid  Assassin, Sniper, Support
 DocHaus kleptobo  An Order of Everything, Hold the Sniper
 Damien Damiens919   Sniper, Tank 
 C0V3RT C0V3RT  Gunner
 scarace360  wii08  Gunner, Support
 Bionic Monster bionicmonster  Assassin, Assault, Gunner
 LordXavierBritish Shaughtzer  Support, Tank
 Jmangino  ICryCauseImEMo  Gunner
 JamesBoyce BoyceyGangloinz  Assault
 Axxol Jester 904  Assassin, Gunner
 ooochoa eskimosamurai  Support
 Octaslash Jorlock  Assassin, Support
 Foil1212 Foil1212  Gunner
 Redbullet685 XvRokyRacoonVx  Assassin, Assault, Gunner
 Dantheman1515 Dantheman1515  Tank
 UberExplodey UberExplodey  Assault, Gunner, Tank
 dutch42 CJ Chinaski  Assassin
 Bigrhyno Bigrhyno2  Rocks'em All
 Taklulas Taklulas  Assassin, Gunner, Support
 Mojo FrogFang  Assault, Gunner, Sniper
 WalkerTR77  WalkerTR77  Assault, Support
 TrueEnglishGent SaitenMar  Assault, Sniper
 RAGEosaurus ResidentNEMES1S  Support, Tank
 Ladnar theladnar  Gunner, Support, Tank
 MrFlibble LCoben  Support, Tank
 PK_Koopa Nocturnal Deity   Assassin, Assault, Support
 JacDG HumanBirdZ  Assault, Tank, Support
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I created an account where Giant Bomb members only need to add the gamertag "GBN MNC" as you will be able to view its friends list when visiting its profile - saving space and time. 
"Giant Bomb Night" is a coordinated event to encourage activity and attention starting at 5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm Eastern EVERY Monday.  

Timezone map for reference.
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  I don't know about you, but I'm finding myself totally addicted to Monday Night Combat.  Well, I thought I would put together a list of GB'ers that are looking to play a little MNC. I read through the previous post of people interested in playing together and pulled the names and gamertags. If you are reading this and would like your name listed above you can PM me or post below. Thanks guys. 
P.S. If you see your name above and would like to add your preferred class you can do that as well.

#4 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6651 posts) -

XBL: Shaughtzer 
Classes: Tank, Support

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this thread came at the perfect time. I just faced the most insane rushing team ever( half Gunner half support) and im pretty sure each one of them sent out a special bot wave too because the match ended within 2 minutes.
classes:Gunner, assault, assassin

#6 Posted by scarace360 (4813 posts) -

Guner Support!

#7 Posted by ICryCauseImEmo (525 posts) -

XBL : ICryCauseImEMo 
Class: Gunner, I really have not tried many im just enjoying this class so much.

#8 Posted by JamesBoyce (299 posts) -

 Nice one!
XBL: BoyceyGanglionz 
Class: Assault

#9 Posted by BraveToaster (12636 posts) -

Jester 904 Classes: Gunner, Assassin

#10 Posted by C0V3RT (1393 posts) -

Bookmarked :) 
If you wanted to update mine - I'm primarily a gunner. 

#11 Posted by ooochoa (44 posts) -

eskimosamurai: support class!  i'll follow you 'till the end!

#12 Posted by Octaslash (659 posts) -

XBL: Jorlock
Classes: Support, Assassin

#13 Posted by Foil1212 (470 posts) -

XBL: Foil1212
Classes: A whole lot of gunner.  I haven't really branched out too much.

#14 Posted by Redbullet685 (6217 posts) -
@BionicMonster said:
"classes:Gunner, assault, assassin "
GT: XvRokyRacoonVx
#15 Posted by UberExplodey (980 posts) -

GT: UberExplodey 
classes: gunner, assault, tank

#16 Posted by dantheman1515 (311 posts) -


#17 Posted by dutch42 (538 posts) -

Right here, tag is CJ Chinaski 
Have been playing mainly assassin,

#18 Posted by Bigrhyno (509 posts) -

GT: Bigrhyno2
Classes: Assault, Tank, Support, Gunner, Assassin, Sniper

#19 Posted by Taklulas (411 posts) -

GT: Taklulas 
Gunner, assassin, Support.

#20 Posted by Mojo (38 posts) -

Gamer Tag: FrogFang
Gunner, Assault, Sniper

#21 Posted by WalkerTR77 (1532 posts) -

GT: WalkerTR77 
Classes: Assault/Support

#22 Posted by MachoFantastico (5583 posts) -

Xbox GT: SaitenMar.  
Class: Assault (occasional Sniper).

#23 Posted by tychoon (133 posts) -

GT: tycH00n

#24 Posted by RAGEosaurus (128 posts) -

GT: ResidentNEMES1S
Class: Support, Tank

#25 Posted by Ladnar (209 posts) -

Gt: theladnar 
gunner, support, tank
#26 Posted by MrFlibble (94 posts) -

GT: LCoben  

#27 Posted by PK_Koopa (593 posts) -

GT: Nocturnal Deity
Preffered: Assassin, Assault, Support

#28 Posted by JacDG (2137 posts) -

 XBL: HumanBirdZ
Classes: Assault, Tank, Support
I'm in Europe though, so if you are all in the US or something like that, it'll be hard to play with anyone because of time differences :P

#29 Posted by T00MuchSteeze (177 posts) -

I'm down to play some of this for sure. Loving it so far. 
Gamertag- T00 Much Steeze 
Sniper, Assassin 

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My Xbox 360 ID is "Devil240Z" 
anyone please add me. I will try to add as many of you guys as I can.  
ok I added a few guys hopefully that will be enough to cast the net and get a good population of MNC players on my list.

#31 Posted by Log (183 posts) -

Gamer Tag: Mattfromtexas
sniper, assassin, support

#32 Posted by KME93 (214 posts) -

Gamer Tag: KEV halo 
Classes: support and assault

#33 Posted by jakob187 (22362 posts) -

ON MONDAYS?!  YES!  FINALLY!  Someone doing a Game Night on my night off work!  I am TOTALLY up for some MNC!!! 
Gamertag:  lansharx54 (that's an L at the beginning) 

#34 Posted by bhhawks78 (1310 posts) -

GT -  bhhawks78
Support or gunner

#35 Posted by Kear (112 posts) -

XBL: Kear 
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 XBL: ZenPuff
Classes: Anything the team needs, but I can't snipe!

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@Bionicicide said:

" Edit:

I created an account where Giant Bomb members only need to add the gamertag "GBN MNC" as you will be able to view its friends list when visiting its profile - saving space and time. 
   "Giant Bomb Night" is a coordinated event to encourage activity and attention starting at 5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm Eastern (timezone map coming soon) every Monday. "
I could only send out 10 friend requests per day - I will continue tomorrow. I can still accept friend requests if you send them to GBN MNC.
#38 Posted by EdIsCool (1140 posts) -

Gamer Tag: ed1024 

#39 Posted by WerewolfGuy (43 posts) -
Gamer Tag: Werewolf Guy 
Classes: Support,Tank
#40 Posted by Bionicicide (1230 posts) -

Added timezone map for reference.

#41 Posted by Pitta (220 posts) -

GT: PittaMan 
Class: Support
#42 Posted by Consaw (261 posts) -

GT: consaw 
Class: Gunner, Assassin 

#43 Posted by Shaneman (88 posts) -

Well, I dont get home from work till 9PM EST, but I'll gladly jump on ASAP. 
GT: CantFeelMyLegos 
Class: Support, Assassin

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@Bionicicide: Hey great idea! This will definitely make it much easier and simpler without having to fill up our friends list.
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Thanks for letting me piggy-back in your thread. Appreciate the organized grid making it easy to copy and paste users' names to add at
#46 Posted by Creamypies (4165 posts) -

GT: CrimePays
Classes: Assassin, Assault, Sniper

#47 Posted by GlenTennis (3266 posts) -

GT: HotCheeseBandit
Class: Support/Assault

#48 Posted by Atlas (2567 posts) -

GT: ColtsFan8718
Class: Haven't decided yet (Assault/Gunner?)

#49 Posted by tranquilchaos (578 posts) -

Gamertag: TranquilChao5 
Support, Assassin

#50 Posted by MFDoomLIVE (17 posts) -

Gamertag: MFDoom_LIVE 
Gunner, Support

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