MNC coming to Steam

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Store page promises dedicated servers, a level editor, and a Beta for pre-purchasers.  Sounds fantastic, I've been wanting to play this title for a while now, but lacking a 360 has done me no good.   Greatly looking forward to it now, however.
#2 Posted by mracoon (5087 posts) -

It's a great game and it's good to see it coming to more platforms.

#3 Posted by BabyChooChoo (5396 posts) -

I was actually hoping this game would come to PC not too long ago. Now it's true. I'll probably pre-purchase it depending on how big my backlog is when the beta hits.

#4 Posted by Hamz (6899 posts) -

Great news, but any word on a PSN version as well? I feel it's got to be just a step away surely?

#5 Posted by salad10203 (669 posts) -

Damn, im pumped.  Hope there is a good community.

#6 Posted by President_Barackbar (3522 posts) -

I think I'll re-buy it on PC. The 360 community is pretty small, and the fact that noone communicates really hurts it.

#7 Posted by Malakhii (1444 posts) -
@President_Barackbar: Yeah I think I'm in the same boat, if the game can form a nice little community, it would be pretty fucking awesome on PC.
#8 Posted by nintendoeats (6144 posts) -

I'm conflicted. On the one hand, I've thought about getting this a few times and I'm certainly more interested in the PC for it.

#9 Posted by ToxicFruit (1890 posts) -

Yey, High fives for every one !

#10 Posted by Raakill (850 posts) -

Hell yes. 

#11 Posted by Gizmo (5467 posts) -


#12 Posted by zonerover (623 posts) -

Yes for choice. Yes for fun. But is it really worth it for $13.49 (in Oz at least) when I've already got Team Fotress 2 and it'll probably get a sale in 6 months time?

#13 Posted by KaosAngel (14251 posts) -

...they seriously want 15 bucks for a DOTA Clone?

#14 Posted by President_Barackbar (3522 posts) -
@KaosAngel said:
" ...they seriously want 15 bucks for a DOTA Clone? "
Dude, MNC is a 3rd person shooter. DOTA is a mod for an RTS game. Just because parts of it are DOTA inspired doesn't mean its a straight clone.
#15 Posted by KaosAngel (14251 posts) -
@President_Barackbar: I've played it and didn't like it.  I'd totally buy it if it was between 5 bucks and 10 bucks, but 15 is too much.  There's better stuff out on Steam that can give you more bang for your buck.
#16 Posted by benjaebe (2870 posts) -

When does the beta start? Does anyone know? Consider it a prepurchase though. I was all intent to get this on 360 before mine RRoD'd.

#17 Posted by President_Barackbar (3522 posts) -
@KaosAngel:  Regardless of whether you liked it or feel that the price is right, you said "$15 for a DOTA clone" when it is clearly NOT a DOTA clone.
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Cool.  Looked like a game that could use mouse and keyboard.  I mean, I don't like dual analog for F/TPS in general, but MNC looked especially tank-like in how it controlled to me.  Probably something to do with the sensitivity and the ramping on the sticks.
Can't say I'm too interested in it, though.  I'm a fan of neither DotA nor small-scale multiplayer shooters, and watching Giantbomb's TNT of MNC gave me a pretty lukewarm impression of the main competitive game mode.  The coop survival mode looked neat, but...  I don't think I'd pay even $5 just for that part of the game.  Egh.

#19 Posted by Mitch0712 (600 posts) -

Pre-Ordered!!!!!! Had to buy this as soon as it was available

#20 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5289 posts) -

Well that's neat. A little strapped for cash as I finally bought some new winter boots (my feet are fucking ecstatic), but this looked like a really fun game on the 360, so this makes me really happy it's coming to steam.
Mod support perhaps?

#21 Posted by ToxicFruit (1890 posts) -
@benjaebe said:
" When does the beta start? Does anyone know? Consider it a prepurchase though. I was all intent to get this on 360 before mine RRoD'd. "
Think on the 18th and will last until it comes out
#22 Posted by Bucketdeth (8235 posts) -

Any chance of a PSN release? This along with Super Meat Boy I am jealous of as a PS3 owner.
Sony fucked us over with Super Meat Boy though : (

#23 Posted by JoeyRavn (5129 posts) -

Mmmm... MNC on PC does sound tempting, but I'd much rather play TF2, which I already own. I may get it on 360, but I'm not exactly keen on multiplayer-only games.

#24 Posted by BabyChooChoo (5396 posts) -
@benjaebe said:
" When does the beta start? Does anyone know? Consider it a prepurchase though. I was all intent to get this on 360 before mine RRoD'd. "
Beta starts this week on the 16th.
#25 Posted by Forcen (2132 posts) -

Yes, finally! I'm gonna prepurchase later.

#26 Posted by Xabu (44 posts) -
Here is an interview from Uber with PC Gamer talking about how they feel about Steam, the PC platform, and their history as developers.  I actually had no idea their pasts were that illustrious, and the interview makes me genuinely excited to see what they have in store now.
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Downloading now!
@Xabu: Interesting interview, I found this quote especially interesting:

Just today, we had this crazy idea for a special guest character that just makes total sense in the world of Monday Night Combat (at least to us). We ran the idea by creators of this special guest and they loved it. So said special guest character will be making an appearance when the game launches on January 17th. I know, I know, stop teasing but it’ll be awesome!

Some TF2 character joining MNC?

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