This could of been the next Mutant League Football

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MNC is an awesome fictional sports game, one I haven't enjoyed since my Genesis days, but it's missing something and comes up just short of being legendary.  
I'm talking about an actual team roster. An actual league. 
Sure, there's two teams, but they feel like the usual red vs blue. Had they made every other colour of the rainbow into selectable teams, each with their own logo, and an offline Crossfire mode with bots, I think the game would of gone from a fun online-only title to a full-fledged fictional sports game complete with exhibition and season play modes like the good ol' days of the Mutant League series and BaseWars for the NES. 
They have shown us that they can create a make-believe sport that is really fun to play. Now that they have tested the waters, I think they should expand on it into something bigger and more feature robust.

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