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Are You Ready For Some Combat?

Monday Night Combat (MNC) is a game that, in my opinion, is easy to dismiss based on looks alone.  You have the Team Fortress 2 art style and zany character depictions, class based combat, upgrade options, and custom class abilities so nothing new there.  How about adding tower defense into that...and what would you say about dashing in a little third person shooting as well?  Yeah, this book cannot be judged by its cover.
I won't go into any sort of detail about classes as you can easily Google that stuff, or look here on GB.  What I will say is that every class is its own unique creature and that you should give them all a go at least a few times to see their differences.  Personally, I love the sniper class the best.

There are several modes, some of which you can play offline. If you get tired of playing against a team of enemy players there is a mode that allows you to team up with 3 others and take on waves of robots trying to destroy your money ball, which is a load of fun.  

My biggest problem with the game comes in the melee combat.   Sometimes it feels as if you have to have the perfect location on a hitbox to perform a melee move or then you will do a melee move that leads directly into that same enemies own melee attack.   All of which is frustrating if you are playing the assassin (who typically has 1 hit kill melee attacks).  

Don’t expect Call of Duty and don’t expect Team Fortress 2…expect that those 2 games and Defense of the Ancients had a love child that is glorious (COD mostly because of customization options, if you are curious).   I can only hope we get even more customization optios, modes, and weapons later on, so please buy this game!

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