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A DotA, TF2 love affair

I downloaded this game a few days ago expecting a clever little distraction, but what I got was much more. 
 For a downloadable game, it's surprisingly deep. The two game types in the game play incredibly different from each other. One involves blasting bots with your buddies while the other involves keeping enemy players away from your moneyball,  and both involve strategically building your defenses and your skills.  
At it's very core, the game revolves around the moneyball. If that's destroyed, it's all over. And that means you don't get paid. The money ball is what the bots (and other players) are literally gunning for, and what you are trying to take down. See, you aren't fighting in a war. You are fighting for entertainment. And your life means nothing. 
You play as one of six classes: the gunner, assassin, soldier, tank, sniper, and medic. These classes all feel well balanced, and each one has it's strengths and weaknesses.  For example, the assassin is fast and invisible, but if a medic places a turret it will take out her meager armor as soon as she tries to back-stab you Tank. The game is full of fun rock-paper-scissors game play like this, and it adds in a fourth element to the mix with turrets. 
The turrets can be built with money you gain from killing enemies and can be your last line of defese against bots and enemies. They come in four flavors: rocket, slow, mortar, and gattling (not the actual names) and they do what they sound like they would do. Each turret can also be upgraded three times, which makes you question whether you should upgrade your turret or your combatant.   
The only real flaw in this game is the lack of maps. There are four, and they all lok kind of same-ey... The developer has already announced DLC though, and as soon as that rolls ut this game will get a five by me.
 All around, I really enjoyed this game. it was a nice change from monotonous headshots in call of Duty and made me think a little to boot. I recommend this to any one with a working Xbox. (Mine just RRoDd...) 
4.5 stars out of 5

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