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An excellent class orientated Third-Person-Shooter for those familiar with this style or even for those who are completely new to it. Monday Night Combat (MNC) is one of the newer Xbox Live Arcade games that is getting people more into the idea of purchasing a downloadable game over retail. And to me, that's a major plus. 
Even though the different number of classes is limited to 6, players get a wide range of ways to "tweak" or enhance their character's role with various endorsements/perks that can be one of 3 levels (Gold, Silver, Bronze.) The layout of the gameplay maps can also be customized with the 4 different types of turrets that are available. And these 4 types can be upgraded and level up along side you. (Granted, you have the cash.)  
And MNC is really addictive, even though it only has two game types, but they have variations. 
First off, we have...

Blitz Mode!

 Blitz mode is great if you're not a huge fan of competitive gaming or don't particularly like having to face off against other players. I love this more so than Crossfire, because I get a chance to play cooperatively with up to 3 friends and see how long we can handle a "Survive  This Many Rounds" type of game. And the robots you're up against come on from all directions and it's up to you to protect your Money Ball. This mode is super fun if you want to see how well you can outlast your friends, protect the Moneyball, kill all the bots, and experiment with different classes. 
Next up is... 

Crossfire Mode!

This is the game mode that puts Player VS. Player. You get the ability to summon robots, as well. This tends to get pretty heavy and heated, but you have the option to switch classes if you die, which is nice if you completely suck as one and want to balance the team. I'm not really sure I like this one too much, though. If you go in with too many people and join a game in progress, it will auto balance the team and you guys will split. I myself don't personally mind, but most of my friends want to drop out when that's the case and that always sucks. But immediately after it puts you all together again. 
TL; DR Version: This is an excellent Arcade game and gives other titles a good name for such a high quality. Would buy. 4.5/5. 
Posted by rybrad

Blitz mode sounds pretty fun.

Posted by Sparklykiss
@rybrad: It is! I like it so much better than Crossfire. And holy crap, a review of mine was looked at, ahhh. 
I think I've only went into a Crossfire match by myself about 2 times. Other times, friends were all... "DO ITTTTT"

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