dantekiller's Monday Night Combat (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

Monday Night Addiction

Monday Night Combat is a game that allot of people can get addicted to with its fast pace and class selection system its gives TF2 a run for its money but they only thing holding it back is the lack of customization. But never the less if you played TF2 and are looking for something new and fun MNC is it a cross of tower defense and 3rd person shooting MNC is sure to hold your attention for some time.


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    You Do Not Need to be Good At Shooters to Love This Game 0

    What is there to be said about this game.  Its design is a combination of 3rd-person team based shooting (a la TF2), tower defense, a loot hoarding.   What makes the game play so enjoyable about this game is that one does not have to be good at shooters to be a good player in this game. As is the case with TF2 one can play as a support player and focus their energy on defending the base, escorting your team's bots, or buffing up your team members.  In fact in order for your team to be successful...

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