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SNES/Genesis/32X Wrestlers

Game Gear Wrestlers

Game Boy Wrestlers

Match Types

- One on One

- Tag Team

- "Bedlam" (AKA Tornado Tag, where the tag teams don't have to tag in and out)

- Survivor Series (Four on Four tag team match, wrestlers are elminated from the match when pinned, the team with wrestlers left wins)

- Royal Rumble (In this game 12 wrestlers come to the ring at intervals and can only be eliminated from the match by going over the top rope, last wrestler standing wins.)

- Raw Endurance (Similar to the Survivor Series, only the number of participants on each team can be changed, up to six per team)

The handheld ports of the game do not include Bedlam, Royal Rumble, or Raw Endurance match types.


  • Though his appearance in only the Game Gear version, WWF Raw marked the last time "Macho Man" Randy Savage would appear in a WWF/WWE game until 2011 with WWE All Stars
  • Each wrestler in the game have on top of their typical finisher moves called Mega Moves. Essentially completely unrealistic versions of their finishers that can only be done when the opponent is at very low health, and though a very complicated button cominbation
  • Kwang The Ninja was in fact a real wrestler in the WWF during the time the game was released, the character didn't have any of his own moves however, instead he uses Diesel's finisher, Bam Bam Bigelow's finisher, and Doink The Clown's mega move. Shortly after the game was released the WWF decided to ditch the gimmick. Having the wrestler playing Kwang play instead Savio Vega, a character based around the wrestler's Puerto Rican heritage. Yes, the WWF had a Puerto Rican playing a Japanese ninja.

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