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Mondo Medicals is a freeware puzzle game developed by Cactus Software. Featuring simplistic graphics and minimal story, Mondo Medicals puts the player through a series of "Disorientations" that somehow aid a character in finding the cure for cancer.


Mondo Medicals has very little back story; no characters are ever named and no locations are disclosed. The only real back story the player has is the introduction: he is there to undergo a series of tests (aka "Disorientations") that will help discover a cure for cancer. Between each level, a cutscene plays in the form of a recorded videotape. The videotape features (what seems to be) a man with a television for a head, dressed in a black robe, discussing the cure for cancer in an angry, garbled voice. Later in the game, the man reveals his idea for a cure, and demonstrates it on the player in the end.


Played using the arrow keys and the Z key, the game is played from a first-person perspective. The object of each level is to find the doorway which will advance the player to the next level. Doing so is no simple task, however, as many of the puzzles defy logic and require the player to think in bizarre, counter-intuitive ways.
For instance, the first level is a hallway that seems to go on forever with arrows on the floor leading in one direction. The player will be stuck in an infinite loop if he follows the arrows; the door can only be reached if he goes in the opposite direction.

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