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In her own time, Monica's father (the king) was murdered by a man named Griffon, so Monica travelled back in time in order to change the events that led to her father's death. In the past she meets a young inventor named Maximillian and she finds out that he has the power to help her. So together, they go on a quest to change history. 
Her favorite snack is Witch Parfait, which help to boost her defense. Monica, being the futuristic princess that she is, not only is good with a sword, but knows the way of magic as well. The swords she can use are all old swords that the hero, Toan, from the first Dark Cloud used. Her magic armbands were from the genie Ruby
Monica's specialty skill is the ability to turn into a monster by collecting the badge of it's type. But players must be careful, because if Monica dies in this monster form, she is going to stay dead. Unlike Max's speciality skill, where the Ridepod just loses fuel.

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