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Best accomplishement of Lucasarts to date 0

Where to begin, well, well Monkey Island 2 LeChuck's revenge is a graphic adventure game by Ron Gilbert, and is the 2nd game in the Monkey Island Franchise and another game to use the SCUMM engine..Once again we take control of the Unfortunate Pirate Guybrush Threepwood, who entertained many the gamer back in the original Monkey Island, and im happy to say also made this true again with this installment and in my opinion did it better.However even though the game does very much revolve around it...

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The Greatest Franchise of all time( 2 of 3) 0

Secret of Monkey Island has to be the pinnacle of adventure games during the Golden Era of video games. As games built on the Scumm Engine this probably what fueled the critical success of the LucasArts games division during the early 90's. Ron Gilbert has created one of the most immersive humorous and enjoyable pirate(if not stories period) stories of all time. Guybrush Threepwood is a lovable Pirate Wannabe that instantly grabs your attention and sympathy as you pilot him through beautiful ill...

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Guybrush, I am your brother! 0

LeChuckling your leg offMonkey Island returned with another superhit for LucasArts, and the new Special Edition does not disappoint. You'll be smiling all the way through the brilliant puzzles and meeting the lovable characters yet again. Puzzles very rarely feel illogical or awkward, but the hint system will also help you along very well if you would get stuck. Simply put, this is one of the very best comedy adventure games there is and a worthy sequel.Improved improvementsThe new voice acting ...

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The Polish On this Special Edition Seems to Be Peeling. 0

Note: This review is being mirrored from If you have any suggestions about this review or any of my reviews in the future, be sure to leave a comment either here or on PODiMOUTH.      This new Special Edition of Monkey Island 2 promises to be the definitive version of the point and click classic for both old and would-be pirate explorers featuring enhanced audio and visuals, developer commentary, hint system, and a revised control scheme for every platform the game ha...

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Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: Le Chuck's Revenge 0

MI2 returns nearly 20 years after it's original release with a Special Edition, but what's so special about it? Well the answer is just about everything. MI2 was already an outstanding game with a fantastic story, script, puzzles, graphics and music, but the special edition improves by offering you all of that as well as HD graphics, re-mastered soundtrack, full voice acting, a layered hints system, object highlighting, developer commentary, achievements and unlockable concept art. As well as th...

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It has never looked so good 0

 Monkey Island 2 is considered by many to be best of Lucasarts adventure games on SCUMM engine. The first Monkey Island has already been redone with updated graphics and released on XBLA. Monkey Island 2 follows the same path here. Amiga was the platform I played both of these back in the day. Nostalgia trip is always a sure for getting me to dish up for such releases, so in this case this is not definitely not wasted.What Lucasarts has done with the ori...

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Quite a Treat 0

Monkey Island 2 is a really positive experience. The humor hits way more often than in the first game. I would describe it as being actually funny. Maybe not quite laugh-out-loud very much, but it’s much more charming and pleasant to play. The side characters are injected with more personality, and even Guybrush, who I didn’t care for at all in the first game, is now a likable, interesting protagonist. There are still moments where the humor doesn’t stick the landing, but it’s the consistency th...

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