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Introducing himself as the headmaster of Hope's Peak Academy, Monokuma is the main antagonist of the Danganronpa series. A walking talking teddy bear, he is actually a remote controlled robot who can teleport anywhere within the grounds of the school. There are many replicas of Monokuma, each carrying a bomb within them that is set to blow up should any student attempt to attack or destroy him.

As headmaster, he observes the killing game that takes place within Hope's Peak Academy, and ensures that the students obey all rules and regulations set in place. He also sits in and observes the students during their class trials, and aids the students in answering any questions that may help them discover the murderer.

Monokuma also acts as executioner, killing the student who is found guilty. While other students are horrified and disgusted when an execution occurs, Monokuma takes great pleasure, and is the only character who laughs at the deceased when the execution is over. In some cases, he uses this moment to taunt the other students, pushing them further into despair.

Monokuma holding a meeting with his spy.

While he does offer information related to the murders in an effort to aid the investigations, he is not neutral. Far from it. At several points in the story he tries to motivate more students to murder through numerous means, such as attempting to reveal embarrassing and hidden secrets about each student, and offering a major cash reward to the student who can get away with murder. He even blackmails a student to act as a spy for him, so he can keep a further eye on the students whenever they are out of sight of the schools cameras.

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