Where are you Monolithsoft?

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Correct me if I'm wrong but the only thing to come out of monolithsoft since they were bought out by nintendo has been Soma Bringer.  A japanese only DS release.  It's sad to see the producer of some of the most epic RPGs of last gen to be bought out by the company of "fun" and "smiles".  Here's from monlithsoft's "about" page on their webiste.

MONORISUSOFUTO, Inc. in October 1999, is born.

「バテン・カイトス」「ゼノサーガ」シリーズを始め、数々のソフトを様々なプラットフォームへ供給しつづけてきましたが、いつの時も我々のモノづくりへの姿勢は「ゲームとしての楽しさ、面白さ」を追求するということでした。 "Baten Kaitos" "Xenosaga" series, including a number of different software platforms continue to have been supplied, but when the time is our attitude to making things "as a game of fun, or interesting" Pursue it.

そして、2007年- And, 2007 --
そういった開発に対する姿勢、意識を共有できる強力なパートナーとして、任天堂株式会社の協力を得ることができました。 The development of such attitudes and awareness as a strong partner to share, Nintendo was able to get cooperation.これによってゲーム作りへの意欲は更に高まり、それは様々な作品へと具体化してきています。 This game is further increasing willingness to make it work and a variety of concrete steps have been.

我々モノリスソフトは次世代のエンターテイメントを提供するための一翼を担うべく、新たな一歩を着実に踏み出そうとしています。 We MONORISUSOFUTO is the next generation of entertainment to provide担うべくplay a new step in taking the steadily.

What was the purpose of Nintendo buying them if they were just going to try to completely change the focus of the company?   I mean, it's not like they were a major competitor to nintendo.  I like nintendo but this is just frustrating.
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Yeah. I wish it didn't happen. Now there mia.

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