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Here and Now-ish 0

This version of the classic game features a number of alternative boards: from the 'Here and Now' edition to Cheese(!); and a new faster variation that incorporates Mario-Party style mini-games. Sadly the game seems to be optimised for the Wii version, making the point-and-click interface awkward on the Xbox 360 control sticks. Monopoly would have possibly been better suited to the Xbox Live Arcade, but it is still a decent package and saves you loosing the houses down the back of the sofa.    ...

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It is Monopoly, but it hurts to play it. 0

Monopoly: Here and Now Worldwide Edition is a decent game. It plays like your Monopoly board game that you stashed in your closet because no one wants to play you in Monopoly, and really, you don't want to play anyone in Monopoly either. Monopoly is a slow, painful board game in which the last 20-30 minutes or so of each game involves one person crying as he slowly hands his money to his opponent.  Monopoly for the Xbox (Sorry, I'm not going to use the huge title, nor will I shorten it to Monopo...

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Meh-nopoly 0

Monopoly: Here and Now Worldwide Edition is a difficult game to review. On one hand, it emulates the classic Milton Bradley board game fairly well. In that aspect it succeeds, but the game as a whole is fairly awful, and some choices the developers have made will leave most people a little puzzled.     Before we get into the review, let me just say that I never thought I'd own a Monopoly game for any system, especially not for the XBox 360. Enter girlfriend, stage left. We were at the store a f...

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