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High atop the rough terrain at Grieg's spires.

Mons Letalis lies just north of Marus Seru and is one of the most difficult regions of Luclin to traverse. Its name translates to "lethal mountain" and it's quite obvious why. Mons Letalis consists of endless peaks and valleys making travelling in a straight line impossible. Getting lost in the trenches becomes quite easy when the Shik'Nars and rockhoppers are chasing behind. The deep valleys seem to indicate that water once ran through this area, but the extreme heat of direct sunlight makes that impossible today. A massive sphere rests on the southern edge of Letalis, serving as the passage to Marus Seru to the south. The origins of this enormous granite sphere are completely unknown.

Near the center of the mountain range is a gigantic set of spires of Combine Empire design, but they are all but destroyed. It is here where Grieg Veneficus and his followers built this quadrolith in an attempt to secure passage back to Norrath. Luclin herself, the goddess of shadows, thwarted this plan by summoning powerful demons of shadow just moments before Grieg redeemed himself. The shadows destroyed all but a few of the mages and many of the powerful demons still reside here, ensuring that no one else attempts to use the spires. Now, with the power of The Nexus, it appears to be a moot point, but they remain here regardless. Those who are able to make it to the northern end of the mountains may be lucky enough to find the tunnel allowing them to escape to The Grey, only to be met with the airless void of the Shissar.

Neighboring Zones


  • The Recuso
  • Shik Nar
  • Spire Spirits
  • Thought Leeches


  • Golems
  • Rockhoppers
  • Shades
  • Shik`Nar
  • Thought Horrors

Notable NPCs

  • Drema Young
  • Elemental Essence of Earth
  • The Spire Lord

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