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Monster 4X4: Stunt Racer is an arcade style racing game developed by Reflections Interactive Limited and published by Ubisoft Entertainment for the Wii on October 27, 2009. The game was sold both with a racing wheel shell and stand alone.


Monster 4X4 uses monster truck like vehicles in over the top races. There are two different methods of controlling in Monster 4X4: the first option is to use the remote and nunchuck, the second is to hold the remote horizontally (or put into the wheel shell). Monster 4X4 Stunt Racer supports up to four players at once on a split screen.

There are power-ups, ramps, shortcuts, and even places to drive on the walls. The trucks in Monster 4X4 can do various flips and stunts to fill a boost meter. The boost can be used at any time as long as there is some energy in the boost tank.


There are a total of seven tracks in Monster 4X4. The tracks range from desert canyons to big cities.

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