Anyone down for some huntin' action?

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As part of my buying spree of games I've missed out on, on account of not having bought a Wii U until just this month, this game has really roped me in. I'm only about 7 hours into the game, and haven't touched on any of the online stuff. Any duders still playing this? The online seems to be the big draw with this game and I'd love to play with some fellow bombers. My Nintendo ID is DoctorDonkey.

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I've been out of it for a while but I wouldn't mind getting back in. The only thing is I'd be a lot higher level than you, but if you needed someone to show you what the hell is going on I can do that too. This is the kind of game that is at it's best playing online with others. Nintendo ID: Bedouin7

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This game isn't cross platform is it? I only have the 3DS version.

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@chemystery: it is, but I think you need the Wii U version to play online. I can take my Wii U character and out her on my 3DS to play at a friend's house. I think we even took it online that way. I can't really remember because it was a while ago.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is an amazing game. It's why I own a Wii U.

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I'll be getting a Wii U sometime this month, and this is the first game I'm gonna buy.

I'll update with my ID, once I actually own one.

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I know that like, a month has passed, but I finally got my Wii U and copy of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Don't suppose anyone else just starting-ish? I've never played a Monster Hunter game online before (just local multiplayer) and so I wouldn't wanna be grouped with people I'd just end up annoying with my noobiness. ID is DeadpanCakes

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Duder, I will totally play with you. I'm only HR2 because I've been fatally trying to find people around my rank to play with. Higher leveled people have offered to help me, but I don't like getting run through this game, it kinda defeats the purpose.

Nintendo ID is LikeaSsur. I'll add you and we'll hash out a time to hunt.

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@wampa1: @likeassur: Oh, sweet, I'm real glad I decided to update. I almost just didn't bother, 'cause I figured most people moved on at this point

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@likeassur: @deadpancakes: Sent a friend request to both you guys. Took a break since I created this thread but recently got back into it.

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Jealous of you all being able to play together. Once 4 finally rolls around I hope there will be duders up for a 3DS online hunt, MH just isn't the same alone!

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Timmii - UK. Wii U or 3DS XL player. HR1 still after 60+ hours.

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Hey duders...

I just bought a Wii U along with all six of the other games for it (kidding... Kinda). One of the big reasons for picking up the system was to finally get into Monster Hunter, after hearing about it so much on the 8-4 podcast. I'm just starting out and getting the hang/comprehending this game (I still feel like I am missing some vital information though) but if any of you are in the same boat as me or would want to hunt with a newbie like me (I am a competent player of video games), I'd appreciate it. I really just want to get way into this game and finally experience it! Nnid: SAC-99

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Hey duderino's,

I got the game for free with my copy of MK8, so I was wondering if anyone did the same? I'm super new to the game, don't really know that much about whats going on but feel like I'm starting to get the hang of things, and since the game is more fun online, I thought to see if you fine folks were still getting into it as well? I'll get my NNID when I've got the chance in a few hours.

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Anyone whose curious should head here:

There's a ton of us that help people out with advice for new and veteran hunters. Get on it, man!

Btw, I'm a solo player. I love online, but you generally end up being a more skilled player when you do a lot on your own. People generally tend to get real sloppy and lean on each other maybe a tad too much when playing multi. I'd play online if I could, but I don't have a Wii U. Over 700 hours on 3DS version, and I've probably only played with my friend for about 20 of those. Also, like 2 hours online using his Wii U and the Transfer Program.

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Hello all,

I am almost done with the single player quests and finally want to dig deep into multiplayer. None of my IRL friends even care about video games and I've been kind of obsessed with MH3U for almost a month now. I'm still HR1 so if anyone else maybe recently picked this up during a sale (or wouldn't mind doing the early rank quests with me), I am beyond down to hunt with you all. I have mastered the LS (gonna start learning the GS soon), have a few different good sets of armor, and generally have my monster hunting shit together. I am good at cooperating too (aka not a dick). Anyway, if you're in the same boat as me, my NNID is SAC-99, or feel free to message me.

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By chance recently got this. Only 5 hours in so far but definitely will give you an add once know my way around a bit better!

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I just started playing this online in the past week, so I'm only HR 3 so far. My Nintendo ID is Hamborgini. I'd love to start hunting with a more consistent group of people.

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I should hopefully be down for some Monster Huntering within the near future, my Nintendo ID is "englundf".

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I just started playing it. Seems interesting.

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hello to everybody, it nice to see peolpe who still play the game. Im at the moment HR88 or so, so if anyone wants to play or help, add me. My NNID: nostriker

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Now that people will be loading up Super Smash Brothers, I would like to remind everyone to keep an eye on your Friend's List (or add the old hunters from this list). That way you can get online with some seasoned hunters and carve up some Diablos horns. Hopefully we can get some practice in before we all have to hunch over tiny screens to play MH4U this spring.

... Or you can play Smash because that game is already pretty fantastic.

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@rempresent: Definitely noted, thanks! I'll add people on that list and make sure to mention GB and Monster Hunter. If you wouldn't mind adding me to the list, it would be appreciated

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Been looking for people to play MH3U with. I'll have to add some of you guys. Thanks for the info @rempresent.

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