Charm Tables

Each character is locked to a fixed table of possible charms when a new game is started. Some tables have a very small range of charms which will make it harder or impossible to get certain armor skill combinations later in the game. Some do not include rust shards which are the only source of a unique weapon for each weapon type. Take a few minutes to follow this guide to guarantee your save gets a specific charm table.

For reference of charms in each table refer to the Charm Table Search application

Quest Ranks

Single player Moga Village quests and multi player Tanzia Port quests use a star rating system as a guide to difficulty level. Be aware these do not represent the same difficulty, Tanzia Port quests are harder than the equivalent starred Moga Village quest, with the exception of the G Rank equivalent Mark of a Hero and The Brilliant Darkness.

Tanzia Port quests are usually referred to as Low Rank, High Rank (not to be confused with Hunter Rank) or G Rank.

In order of difficulty:

  • Moga Village Low
  • Moga Village High/Tanzia Port HR 1-2
  • Tanzia Port HR 3-5
  • Tanzia Port G quests

Hunter Rank

In Tanzia Port players have a Hunter Rank to represent their level of progression. This is raised by completing key quests to unlock an Urgent Quest. Only the player who selects the Urgent Quest is eligible to rank up on completion. A minimum rank is required to join quests. There are no restrictions on highly ranked players joining lower rank quests.

After completing the HR7 ending urgent quest Black Flame of Calamity ranks change to a point based system with higher difficulty quests giving more points towards a rank up.

Some subspecies are locked until higher Hunter Ranks:

  • Hunter Rank 8 - Gold Rathian and Silver Rathalos
  • Hunter Rank 40 - Lucent Nargacuga
  • Hunter Rank 70 - Abyssal Lagiacrus
  • Hallowed Jhen Mohran - Complete all Moga Village quests. Capture all monsters and subspecies, excludes Lucent Nargacuga and Abyssal Lagiacrus. Elder Dragons cannot be captured and must be killed, including Alatreon.



ColorAttack MultiplierElemental Multiplier


Blights can be normal or severe. Severe blights have increased potency.

FireblightDamage over timeRoll three times on land, once in water
WaterblightStamina recovers more slowlyConsume Nulberry
IceblightStamina cost of actions increasedConsume Nulberry
ThunderblightDecreased stun resistanceConsume Nulberry
DragonblightLowers affinity and removes element/status from weaponConsume Nulberry
SlimeblightExplosion if hit by monster or if blight is not cleared in timeRoll three times, use deodorant item

Status effects

PoisonDamage over timeConsume antidote or herbal medicine
ParalysisUnable to move or use itemsBeing struck by another player
SleepUnable to move or use items, extra damage taken if hitConsume Energy Drink whilst sleepy
SoiledCannot use consumable itemsUse deodorant item
StunUnable to move or use items

Spin movement analog stick

Snow/MudUnable to attack, move quickly or use items

Use cleanser item, being struck by another player

Combination List

This is a combination list that everyone has access to within the menu in the game. Before you create your first item, the combination list will be full of question marks. In order to fill them all in, you need to create these items. They are listed in order that the combination list has them in the game. Also listed in the table below is the success rate and quanitity. You can increase your success rate by purchasing the Book of Combos books or by having the appropriate skills given by your armor/decorations.

#Item=Item Needed 1+Item Needed 2%Quantity


=Herb+Blue Mushroom95%1


Mega Potion=Potion+Honey90%1
3Nutrients=Blue Mushroom+Godbug90%1
4Mega Nutrients=Nutrients+Honey70%1
5Antidote=Antidote Herb+Blue Mushroom95%1
6Herbal Medicine=Cactus Flower+Bitterbug90%1
7Max Potion=Mega Nutrients+Dragon Toadstool65%1
8Ancient Potion=Immunizer+Kelbi Horn55%1

Oxygen Supply

=Bomb Casing+Airweed90%1
10Air Philter=Catalyst+Airweed75%1
11Mega Air Philter=Airweed+Dash Extract65%1
13Immunizer=Catalyst+Dragon Toadstool75%1
15Cleanser=Hot Pepper+Burst Arowana75%1-3
16Dash Juice=Catalyst+Rare Steak75%1
17Mega Dash Juice=Well-Done Steak+Dash Extract65%1
18Energy Drink=Honey+Nitroshroom65%1
19Energy Drink=Hot Pepper+Sleepyfish75%1
20Demondrug=Catalyst+Might Seed65%1
21Mega Demondrug=Demondrug+Pale Extract55%1
22Might Pill=Might Seed+Immunizer75%1
23Armorskin=Adamant Seed+Catalyst65%1
24Mega Armorskin=Armorskin+Pale Extract55%1
25Adamant Pill=Adamant Seed+Immunizer75%


Monster Weaknesses

MonsterPrimary Weakness(es)Secondary Weakness(es)Video Guide
Great JaggiFireWater, Thunder, IceYouTube
Great BaggiFireWater, ThunderYouTube
Great WroggiIceWaterYouTube
Crimson QurupecoIceFireYouTube
Baleful GigginoxWaterDragonYouTube
Pink RathianDragonThunderYouTube
Gold RathianThunderWaterYouTube
Azure RathalosDragonIceYouTube
Silver RathalosWatherThunder, IceYouTube
Green NargacugaThunderFireYouTube
Lucent NargacugaIceDragon, WaterYouTube
Sand BariothIceThunderYouTube
DiablosIceWater, Thunder, DragonYouTube
Black DiablosIceWater, Thunder, DragonYouTube
Green PlesiothThunderFireYouTube
Royal LudrothFireThunderYouTube
Purple LudrothFireThunderYouTube
AgnaktorWater, DragonIce, ThunderYouTube
Glacial AgnaktorFire, DragonThunderYouTube
LagiacrusFireIce, DragonYouTube
Ivory LagiacrusDragon, FireIceYouTube
Abyssal LagiacrusDragonFire, IceYouTube
BarrothFire, WaterIceYouTube
Jade BarrothFireThunderYouTube
DuramborosFireThunder, IceYouTube
Rust DuramborosFire, IceDragonYouTube
UragaanWaterDragon, IceYouTube
Steel UrugaanWaterDragon, IceYouTube
DevilijhoThunder, DragonFire, WaterYouTube
ArzurosFireIce, ThunderYouTube
ZinogreIceWater, FireYouTube
Stygian ZinogreThunderIce, WaterYouTube
Goldbeard CeadeusDragonThunderYouTube
Jhen MohranIce, DragonWater, ThunderYouTube
Hallowed Jhen MohranFireIce, DragonYouTube

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