Nintendo-themed costumes, circle pad pro?

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I was considering getting Monster Hunter 3 on the 3DS but I think I'll wait for the US release of MH4 honestly, especially since it seems like the Wii U is the best place to play 3 with the online, better visuals and controls and all that. Think the game will still really need the Circle Pad Pro? I heard the controls, especially underwater got really gnarly without one.

IGN's been showing off weird videos with Link, Mario and Luigi costumes for MH4. Makes it look appropriately crazy. I've never really gotten into the series before so this looks like the place to start.

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What a weird, weird series.

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I think they did a good job of keeping it classy. If you have an exclusive contract with Nintendo, you might as well milk it for whatever it's worth.

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Need? Of course not. But I'd recommend looking at your 3DS and deciding whether or not having your thumb on the D-Pad for camera control, your pointer finger on the analog disc for movement, and your middle finger on the L button for item usage is going to be a better option.

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id play that zelda game!

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