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The first spin-off of the Monster Hunter franchise, it will feature the Felyne characters from the series as the stars. Players will help the run a Felyne village, doing such tasks as farming and hunting. Farming tasks include series main stays like bug catching, mining, fishing and crop planting. Hunting quests will involve a team of Felynes going out and hunting monsters from a 2D side-scrolling perspective. Graphically the game is much more colorful and has a more cartoon like feel.

An early trailer has show classic Monster Hunter music has also been reworked to fit into this new more whimsical take on the franchise. A transfer feature will be available that will allow players to export Felyne comrades and cooks from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (2ndG in Japan) and use them in game.


Capcom has announced a special bundle to be released alongside launch of the game in Japan. The bundle will come with a PSP Slim in limited edition "Purple Lilac" and include the game and a special voucher for a custom Hello Kitty PSP theme (Capcom announced a special collaboration deal with Hello Kitty at the reveal for game).

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