mistermouse's Monster Hunter Portable 2 (PlayStation Portable) review

A good improvement

This game is a great improvement over the first Monster Hunter Freedom yet again it comes back with the great customization values, strategic gameplay and new monsters and battlegrounds. Unfortunately they did not implement infrastructure online gameplay in this version, because the strength of this series lies in the online playing with friends.

(For more information on Monster Hunter Freedom see my review)

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of dashing heroes and massive monsters!A series started in 2004 on the PS2 here in the states, Needless to say japan got it a bit sooner than us but nevertheless Capcom saw to grace us with this gem. It's success here in the states was lackluster at best but in japan it was like 6 turbojets fueled by pure awesome! Now, The intro to Monster hunter freedom 2 was breathtaking to say the least, A quiet village and a climatic confrontation with a Tigrex all in one scene...

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     Ever dream of killing giant dragons? Ever dream of killing a giant monkey perhaps? Ever dream about killing a giant unicorn? Well if you have then this game is for you. In Monster Hunter Freedom 2 you go around killing monsters left and right carving there carcasses for items to make better weapons and armor. Sounds simple right? Wrong this game will tare you apart if you're a newb. The monsters are three times faster then you, five times stronger and about 25 dumber then you. You need t...

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