Crab Battle Set is pretty good... But what armor set to get next?

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Full Ceanataur U gear. (lvl 9)
My GS (Killer's Scythe) and Hammer (Ceanataur Head Axe) are also pretty decent Ceanataur weapons as well.
I call it the Crab Battle Set. (c.c.c.crab battle...). Looks epic, though saying that I got them from giant crabs doesn't really sound awesome.

Comes with Reckless Abandon +1, Sharp Sword and a health decrease I killed with 1 gem.
I'm thinking of getting Monodevil U  or Rathalos U (Mono much better, though Los got the looks :P), but they are pretty negative on Dragon Res.
And I was wondering if the terrible Dragon Res stats would hurt my defense against the Monsters (who tend to be dragons)?
Or is there is another armor set I should invest into instead?
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Hmm, Most of the best armor has some pretty terrible resistances, I usually just ignore it because it doesn't make a heck of a lot of difference, especially if you are getting a lot more defence.   Basically if you have really bad fire resistance (-15 or less I suppose) Be really careful because fireballs are going to hurt a ton. Thats about the only thing I really ever notice, of course they are easy to dodge =P
I believe Dragon res affects the regular physical attacks of dragons, but I find it to not make a big difference, a dragon hitting you is going to hurt like hell anyways.
One sec.. Cranking on my PSP to check my armor =P
Uhm Your current armor is pretty good, You could try making the Death Stench set, its pretty easy to make, just keep sending the cat at the pocky farm out to the jungle with as much points as you can. I believe its jungle, volcano might work too. Your aiming for Sinister Cloth's. I'm looking at the torso piece here and it is: 2 cloths, 2 blangonga fang+, 3 unknown skull, 3 elder dragon bone. 
Also if you can take on the kushala daora by yourself or with your friends, get that armor set too. Possibly work on kushala set while getting the cloths for death stench, also you will get those elder dragon bones too.
If you have a PS3, add Xeiphyer and I'll take you on some silver rathalos quests, Silver rathalos armor is super sick!
Ok for weapons, I'm not familiar with your weapon because I never bothered to upgrade to that one, if it has water or ice element, I'd recommend trying to replace it more.. those elements aren't really that useful. Aiming for a dragon element weapon is your best bet. As you start taking on more and more elder dragons, your going to want to get at their tail carves, however you can only cut off an elder dragons tail when its HP is below 10%, this can make it really really hard to pull off! If you have a dragon element weapon it can be cut off normally as with any other dragon. It might also apply to the other breakable pieces but I forget. So its way worth it.
The Centenarian Dagger is a really easy to make powerful katana.
If you have defeated the tigrex offline, you can get into the cave in the pocky farm, mine up some dark stone/pieces (with 2 elder dragon bones each try..) get a pocky ticket and make the black scythe. Its pretty good and upgrades to an excellent weapon. There is also a greatsword version if thats more your style.
The carbalite sword is easy (possibly tedious for you) to make, looks cool and has a katana path or a greatsword path. they both are pretty sick!

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I'm only at HR5 at the moment.
And on the last set of Cat Elder quests.
GS- Killer's Scythe (Attack: 1008, Sharpness: Blue), Upgradable to Shogun Cutter (Attack: 1200, Sharpness: Purple) amongst various other things.
Hammer- Ceanataur Head Axe (Attack: 1144, Sharpness: Blue) Upgradable to Big Blue Chopper (Attack: 1300, Sharpness: Purple).
Both are pure physical.
I've unlocked Death Stench S but isn't Spc Attack useless for pure physical weapons?   
If you are talking about the 'Rare-5' Kushala gear. That short charge is pretty sick, I didn't see any S or U armor. I can farm the single player elder easily though.

I'm liking the Artisan, Expert and Potential boosts on Mono U but getting all those horns is going to be annoying.

Anyways, I do have a PS3 and I just need to hardwire it somehow for the Adhoc Party. Multiplayer would be sweet!
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Yeah try setting up your ps3 =P Its really easy, you just make sure your ps3 is hooked up via a wire, because you need the wireless to interact with your PSP, then you just turn on adhoc party, sync it with your PSP (Just sit in the online gathering hall then start the syncing) Itl connect, then just join a world, then room.  
Of course most players in there will be japanese, so its better to communicate with people beforehand =P. Add Xeiphyer on your PS3 if you like haha.
Your weapons are pretty awesome =P So you should be fine with that for quite a while, try getting a dragon element weapon eventually. and theres a + version of the kushala gear.  
The Akantor weapons/armor are amazing but Akantor is pretty damn tough =P his armor has mad defence and the set gives +2 sharpness, so that usually maxes out your weapon sharpness. I believe its 1.25% dmg with white sharpness, possibly 1.5% even.
The guard and guard up skills are pretty cool too, being able to take next to no damage when blocking comes in handy, and I believe you dont slide back when blocking and it costs less stamina, also with guard up you can block the unblockable attacks, like the gravios nuke beam attack! Its awesome blocking that! You feel so badass =P

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Same Ceanataur Set!  
But its got,
Reckless Abandon +3  (or full luck boost if I'm grinding stuff)
New weapon additions!

GS: Pael Keizah,  Gaoren's Coin
LS: True Devil Slicer, Fanatic Dragonwd LS, Smolder Dragonsword
Hammer: Sanctioned Gunhammer
DS: Guild Knight Sabers (Eh... Nothing special)

Defeated Elder Cat Urgent Akantor! (Thanks to the Smolder Dragonsword!)
Stuck (actually lazy) on the 2 Tigrex HR5 Urgent. I hate fighting a Tigrex in the Snowy Mountains, and two is just annoying! Finished the Cat Elder one fairly easily but I really rather not do the HR one (I have no choice though).

The only armor that can really top this is probably the Akantor set, but that's just too much effort.  (5 Gravios Brain Stems, and at least 4-5 Akantor kills... Just shoot me!)
I'm thinking of getting the Kirin U series for its Elemental Attack (an excuse really) but really none of the Armors seem to be worth the trouble against the Ceanataur set . 
Still having trouble trying to figure out how to get a wire from another room into mine. I probably need a extremely long ethernet cable... Going across the hallway...

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