Xbox 360 Beta, first thoughts

#1 Posted by Chris2KLee (2339 posts) -

The beta went up this week, and so far it feels like a step back from Monster Hunter Tri. While it's totted as the first HD Monster Hunter title, it really looks like an uprezzed version of MH Freedom Unite (2nd G). The early areas are all reused, and so far I haven't seen any new monsters. I understand most of the newer stuff comes up in the later game, but after playing Tri, and seeing the trailer for MHP3, I can't help but feel a little underwhelmed and bored. Also the online functionality seems to be very instanced, and I can't see myself paying a monthly fee for something like this. If it makes it to North America, I hope they make the logical move like they did with Tri, and setup free servers. As it stands, I don't see this one leaving Japan anytime soon.
On the plus side, it has keyboard support for chatting, and the controls feel fine for an MH game.

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Is it like a MMO? 
Does it have Split-Screen? 
Is the combat fun? 
Does It have a single player campaign? 
Answer whatever you can!Thanks.
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@FirePrince said:
" Is it like a MMO? Does it have Split-Screen? Is the combat fun? Does It have a single player campaign? Answer whatever you can!Thanks. "
It's MH with MMO trappings, I wouldn't call it a full blown MMO. Like MH Tri or Guild Wars, they've created a bigger online lobby for people to meet up, but it's still a 4 man party and you go off and hunt in an instance, in areas divided exactly like a standard MH game. There is no split screen support that I can tell, and I doubt they're will be any considering the PC version doesn't have that feature. There is a tutorial area that is run similar to the home village, but as with every MH game before, there isn't much of a story to speak off. The focus is on getting people into teams of 4 and going out hunting online. Combat is the same as it ever was, and with the 360 controller it feels just like playing Tri with a classic controller pro, so pretty good if you're a fan of the series.
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@Chris2KLee: How did you get into the beta? is it a aisa only beta or release atm? i was looking to import this but i get the impression its going to be impenetrable in japanese  
#5 Posted by Chris2KLee (2339 posts) -
@Davvyk said:
" @Chris2KLee: How did you get into the beta? is it a aisa only beta or release atm? i was looking to import this but i get the impression its going to be impenetrable in japanese   "
Yeah it was a limited time Japan only thing, they ran an open Beta for like a month before release. It is definitely a game that requires a healthy understanding of Japanese, the only reason  I got anything done in it was that I remembered how stuff worked from playing MH on PSP. I wouldn't bother importing it unless you have a Japanese 360, since I'm pretty sure it's region locked.

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