Are any GBer's still playing this game?

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Hey gang,

Can I call you gang?

I've been wanting to spend more time with this game lately.. I've barely played online at all. Is or has there ever been any sort of Giant Bomb hunting expedition? If not, should there be, or have I missed the boat on this entirely?

#2 Posted by P00zombie (128 posts) -

I still play it, but I'm not super great. . .or plain ol' great for that matter. I'll go with mediocre. Yes, I'm mediocre at Monster Hunter.

#3 Posted by P00zombie (128 posts) -
@evanbower I don't know how to edit from my phone, but I meant to assign my last post as a reply. I guess I'm mediocre at forum posts as well. Bada bing!
#4 Posted by ShadowMarth (67 posts) -

I have beat the everloving shit out of online (to an extent anyway, I didn't farm the endbosses a whole fucking lot or anything like some people do), but would be happy to help out with some stuff if you'd like. I can always throw on a weapon I'm practicing with and fight lower rank stuff for a bit. Message on steam or something.

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Don't call me gang.

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