Bowgun sound

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I just made a quick bowgun in the game just to check it out and added the Quereporo barrel (I'm probably messing up its name here) and the sound that it makes is amazing, comical even. MEEP!
I don't really like how these bowguns work so i'll probably just keep with my trusty poke stick. You would think that they would just have made it like in RE4 but for some reason they mapped the cursor to the  analogue stick.
Anyway, MEEP!

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Weapons can have their own sounds (for example a rapier-like sword&shield sounds like you'd expect, all woosh woosh woosh), I'll guess you used some funny monster's parts for it. RE4-like aiming would be way too easy (just as RE4 Wii was way too easy compared to the PS2/GC versions), instead they require you to line up your shots much like the melee weapons do. Bowguns are for advanced play requiring juggling of multiple ammo types (that's why you then get four inventory pages instead of three) and are created with processes similar to armor sets, mixing and matching three different parts for different skill and stat bonuses, which also determine the weapon's weight and if it's gonna be light, medium or heavy, affecting your maneuvrability accordingly. It's cool stuff.

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I don't really see how it would make the game easier. They could just have kept the "turning speed" of the analogue stick and made the barrel follow the pointer. It just feels unnatural now. Well for those who did not play the PSP games anyway.

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@Rallier: Have you tried switching the control scheme? The other one might be different, but I haven't tried it.
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@Xeiphyer: I'll give it a look. I'm using the wiimote+nunchuck though so I'm not sure if there is a second control scheme for that.

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