Calling 3 other duders

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Lack of time, sorry bro.

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I Finally picked up Tri yesterday. Getting my Monster Hunter back on finally is nice.   I don't have wii speak though.

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@demontium:  No Wii Speak, but I'm pretty good. Toss me a PM.
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hi everyone am a wandering monster hunter . i've decided to try and team up cause things are gettin harder .my info is below 
 mh online name :conex 
my main weapons are :switch axe ,sns ,and learning bow gun
i dont have wii speak but gettin after chrismas (in britain) 
if anyone is interested when we team up ill have my friend code 
message me to team and my friend code
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Instead of a Wii Speak, buy a USB keyboard.  Nobody uses Wii Speak because the sound quality is pretty awful.
I wouldn't mind helping you out sometime (always looking for a good excuse to play more of this game), PM me here on Giant Bomb with a specific time in mind and I'll see if I'm free. 

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